• When: 03/04/20
  • Workout Style: Bands and Bells
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Weinstein RR, CouchPotato RR, Blart R, McSketti R, Bandit R, Linus, Birdman, Cooter, purplerains pickup truck, ponch
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Prometheus

Rolled in top down on another GLORIOUS Carolina morning ready to get back at it. How great was it to see PRs pickup sitting there in the lot of the Java Post. He must be waiting in anticipation for the beat down listening to Metallica or sipping on a pre workout cause as YHC set up the strength stations (so carefully thought out and prepared for him) he never got out of the truck, as 8 PAX rolled in one by one.

HARD START with 9 HIMS. Someone should check on PR.

WARM A RAMA  consisted of Mike Phelps, Hillbillys and 21 SSH 1-8 in cadence followed by 9-21 silent under the guidance that anyone that screwed up the count would cost the PAX his age in burpees. YHC may or may not have lost count around #12 and stopped at 20.   52 yr sold 5+2=7 burpees. Hope he’s ok.


10 STRENGTH STATIONS in the alley. Band Curls, Band Lateral raise, Band Military Press, 35 Kettle Bell squats, 30 lb bag of weights triceps extensions, 25lb Kettle Bell swings, 20 lb kettle bell 1 arm press, LBC, Plank, Freddy Merc. 9/10 stations was manned by a PAX for 1 minute with one left vacant incase PR joined us. After said minute we pallet cleansed with a Mosey around the building or a 50 yd out and back or a Wall Sit or Supermans. Throw in a round of Clock Merkins on the slope and curb … layers were shed.  The directions were to rotate CLOCKWISE after the cleanser and man the next station (except the one left vacant for PR). I’ve been known to speak brail, mumble or just plain think I said something that I didn’t, so it could be my fault, or maybe one of our brothers grew up in Australia where water drains in reverse or maybe that double “R” means something. 🙂 either way all 9 PAX made it thru the 10 stations with a smile.  Where could he be?



YHC has had LA LA LEGGY on the short list for a while. Made the mistake of using McSketti for the number but by asking his favorite number without the context of repetitions for said exercise.  Im thinking 3, lucky 7, maybe 10 – Who picks 18?…….  18? Bobby Labonte? Denis Savard? Charlie Joiner? even Payton Manning tried to pick another number. So it was 18 sumo squats, 18 lunges, 18 jump squats, 18 calf raises. YHC breathing heavy and eyes watering up with the thought of the horrors that could have befallen our wayward brother…-


CROWD PLEASER –  Merkins and Groiners in the Ratio of 1:1 up to 5:5 and back down to 1:1 . If only Huckabee was still in F3, he could call 911 cause we were worried.

MARY – Pax Choice as always.

HARD STOP at 6:15 in the middle of Linus’ low slow flutters as the PURPLIEST of RAIN chugged in from a run of 9.5 miles.     RESPECT

no thowing of mikethython, no 105 WW1s, no rain, no wind, no injuries – what a day.

Prayers for we as Men to get out there and be a light in someone’s life. Cherish the day because tomorrow isn’t promised and we are truly blessed.





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