• When: 5/14/19
  • Workout Style: No 10 counts!
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Deuce (respect), Ramsey (respect), Bayliner, Jang, kiwi, shaft, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Dreadnought, West Carteret High School

Between continued triathlon recovery and Duck’s hype for the Carterican Court, the Q figured it would be a light crowd at the dreadnought today. We all rolled with less than five minutes till a hard start, including kiwi on his second day in a row after the half tri… smh. After a super quick mission statement and disclaimer, we ran to the front of the school for some: windmills 10, Frankenstein‘s 10, Michael Phillips 10. We then ran around the east side of the school to turn one of the track for: hillbillies 10, Mountain climbers 20. At that point Denver, I mean reefdonky, I mean shaft, ran up to join us. No warm-up for shaft today. We started with a 300 m run to the start line. One Burpee, followed by a 100 m run. One Burpee, a double merkin Burpee, and a 200 m run. One Burpee, double merkin Burpee, triple merkin burpee and a 300 m run. This pattern repeated until five merkin Burpee‘s. We then ran to the WCHS blue spray-painted benches  for 20 each: box squats, alternating leg step ups, and WOJO squat jumps. We ran back around to the front of the school and found a curb for 20 each: plank step downs, air presses, and hand release merkins. We ran back to the bench to repeat the first squat set and back to the curb to repeat the plank set, this time with side plank step downs. It was then time to head across the road to Glad Tiding’s extra large parking lot. On the far end we did 10 WOJO squat jumps, ran to the Center for 10 monkey humpers, and opposite side for 10 WOJO squat jumps. We repeated this pattern with the countdown to eight, hitting up the monkey humpers halfway in each direction. Time was running short so we ran back over to the track stopping for a round of ATM‘s. Back around the track with two more sets of ATMs at each 300 m mark. With a noodle arms, we popped up to run one set of bleachers snakes and head back to the flag. Bringing in the six, there was one minute remaining to do a set of 20 slow Peter Parker‘s. Hard stop. Announcements for continued support of the Jacksonville launch, and prayer requests for a couple of our F3 brother’s families. The Q beat kiwi to a brief prayer, and the pax took off. Good push today pax!… > 3 miles met.  Thanks for coming out for another glorious Carterico morning with PERFECT temp for a workout.  


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