• When: 08/08/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Caitlyn (Respect), Kiwi, Cheech, Griswald, Birdman, Sparkles, Fungu (Raleigh), Catfight, Band Camp, Linus & Purple Rain
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rolling Stone

“Let the fun begin!” YHC said after getting everything set up at “THE GREATEST AO IN CARTERICO… THE ROLLING STONE!!!!” Shovel flag ✅, Music ✅,  Lightshow ✅, Griswald approved refreshments ✅. We are ready!! Purple Rain was already out on a standard. Caitlyn is next to pull in. He is still on his first week with F3, so this is his first time here. “Wow, you go all out!” He said. So glad to have him on board. He seems to be a great addition to the group. The other PAX start rolling in. I walked to my car to check the time and noticed there was is a message from Snooki. He said that he was not feeling well and did I mind taking the Q for him today.  Now, he sent the message at 5:01 AM. However, I was busy setting up all the stuff, so I did not see this message until 5:22 AM.  I told him to get some rest and we got this! Purple Rain, Griswold and Navy asked me if they needed to jump in and help, as true leaders do. Relax guys, as Site Q, I’ll figure it out. Hard Start!  I explained to the guys that they were in luck because I was much better looking than Snooki! Mission statement and disclaimer were stated.. let’s do this!!


SSH x20 IC, Cotton pickers x15 IC then mosey to the parking lot Corner. Hillbillies x15, Right over left for a 10 count (switch). Mosey to the next corner, 5 Burpees for Snooki. Mosey to the next corner, 4 Burpees for Snooki. Another mosey, It was then I heard Purple Rain say, “I’m not doing Burpees for Snooki, he’s not even here!” So, we performed the last 5 Burpees for Purple Rain. Mosey….


We made it over to a wall. Everyone took a place on the wall and we began with Buttercups x20 IC, People Chair with Air Presses x20 and Wall Worms x5 Merkins. Rinse and repeat x2. Mosey to the parking lot.  Using 3 lanes in the parking lot, which were about 15 yards or so apart,  we would perform different exercises with 10 reps at each lane. Exercises performed were… Merkins x30, LBCs x30, Squats x30, Hand Release Merkins x30. Great job guys!! Band Camp gave us a 10 count. Mosey to the field.

Quarter Pounder (OYO) – 25 yard line, Merkins x25. 50 yard line, LBCs x 50. 75 yard line, Plank Jacks x75. 100 yard line, Air Press x100. Back to the start and plank or pickup the 6.  Partner up for Princess Tea Party x15 IC.  A quick mosey to the fountain, Step-Up x10 IC and Dips x20. Back to the circle for Mary. Roughly 6 or 7 minutes of PAX choice that brought us to a Hard Stop!

COUNT A RAMA, NAME A RAMA & ANNOUNCEMENTS about upcoming Qs. As Site Q, I had the pleasure of telling Linus that his VQ was going to happen at “THE GREATEST AO IN CARTERICO… THE ROLLING STONE!!!” Next Thursday! Let’s show up “BIG” to support him! PRAYER REQUEST for  Brockovich’s family and Purple Rain led us in prayer… thanks brother!

I would like to send out a special thank you for all the F3 warriors that showed up big today!  We all love you Snooki and sincerely hope that you feel better. Even though, you will probably catch HELL all day! Always a privilege to be a part of this wonderful group of men!



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