• When: 12/28/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Griswald, Linus, Snooki, Couch Potato (Respect), Sparkles, Birdman, Huckabee (Respect), Rerun, Vice, Billy Mays (Respect), Dr. Doolittle (Respect x3), Maytag, Onesie, Caitlyn (Respect), 2 FNGs
  • AO: Back Blasts, Field of Dreams

What a beautiful warm day we have today, YHC thought while rolling to the AO. I was sure we would end up with a great crowd, and we did! The PAX started rolling in THICK. Alright, game on! Noticed a couple of FNG‘s are joining us today and Vice is visiting us once again from Chapel Hill. Hard Start! I explain the 3 F’s and a flawless mission statement. Then, I asked the PAX to name each one of the 5 core principles for our FNGs. Of course, adding Burpee‘s after each one was said. Five Burpee‘s, then four, then three, two and one…


Cotton Pickers IC x10, Hillbillies IC x10, Sun Gods IC  x10 forward & reverse, mosey to the tennis courts.


We partnered up for Dora. Partner A started  suicides, while partner B would perform an exercise, then switch. We completed LBCs x100, Squats x100 & WW1s x100. Mosey to the football field.

Quarter Pounder: Sprint to the 25 yard line, AST IC x25, Sprint to the 50 yard line, Scorpion Dry Docks SC x50, Sprint to the 25 yard line, LBCs SC x75, Sprint to the goal line, Air Presses SC x100. Rinse and repeat back to the other end. This time, only 25 reps for each exercise. Great job guys! Mosey to the picnic tables. Dips SC x40, Erkins SC x40 and Step ups SC x20 per leg. Mosey back to the tennis courts.

4 Corners: 4×4 Merkin & Mountain Climbers. We increased 4 reps with each corner. Total of 40 Merkins SC & 40 Mountain Climbers IC. I told everyone to find a spot on the fence. Three rounds of wall worms due to the Mubble Chatter. Someone shouted out, “we should do the big sexy.” Let’s do it!

Monkey Humpers IC x10, Boss Tweeds IC x10 & Pickle Pounders IC x10. Time for a little Bull in the Ring Mary. We started moseying around the tennis courts, when I called out a PAX, He would then go to the Centercourt and name an exercise of his choice, everyone would stop where they were and perform the exercise. We performed about 4 different exercises. Mosey back to the flag just in time for Couch Potato to take us out with Superman. Hard Stop! Awesome job guys!

COUNT A RAMA, NAME A RAMA  and ANNOUNCEMENTS about upcoming Qs. Time to name the FNGs. We came up a couple of good ones, Welcome Twig and Berries & Neidermeyer! PRAYER REQUEST were lifted for our brothers and their families traveling this weekend and Caitlyn led us in prayer. Thanks bro!

17 strong men at the field of dreams today! Who could ask for a better start to the weekend. I would like to thank Linus for allowing me the opportunity to lead these men. Honored to be out there with this group on such a beautiful day. Until next time…





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