One day, about 16 weeks ago, I was slowly running home on the final mile of a long hot training run. Tired from the heat and lack of enthusiasm, I wondered if there was a better way to stay in shape. As the good Lord has sent many winks through the years, on this day he sent me a Buttoncap [what? really? yep!] as I passed his driveway. The invitation sounded like a good idea, and then I got a new name! Leading the PAX sounded like an impossibility and I hid from the intimidating thought as long as I could… Until now, thanks for believing in me friends, humbled and blessed to be a part of this awesome group of great men.

HS 5:30am – The VQ presented a near flawless Mission Statement, F3 definition and Core Principles recited for the FNG
Warmarama: IC, SunGods, WindMills, Burpies, and as expected, my mind went blank so off to what I do best, an Indian Run Mosey while I calmed myself:
The Thang [station 1]:
As we went thru the following exercises, one PAX would run a loop with a coupon in each hand [Firestone LT265/70R17], Laettner went to the EI bridge for extra credit… others did curls and shoulder shrugs.
IC fast and no rest between while waiting for runner to return -Dips, MonkeyHumpers, CopperHead squats, LBCs, Mt Climbers. Then a new twist on Peoples Chair and BTWs – each PAX would tell us [while the burn set in] about their favorite part of yesterday and how they helped someone. QIC felt this would be some good F2, as it has always proved to work well with my 2.0s. You take a moment to appreciate the guy standing next to you, and who he really is. As we try to serve the Lord daily we’re taught to remain humble, but giving is contagious, sometimes you need to share a good story, thanks for inspiring me guys.
The other Thang [station 2]:
A mix of 10 shoulder work exercises, IC x 5 ea [1st set = 50 total], Leg work- 10 x 100′ and back, Merkins [55 total]
Partner Tap merkins x5, side step mosey, 1 merkin, back to start – repeat
Plank [one arm, one leg out] x5 hold, Lt Dans , 2 merkins
Double wides x5, Heisman pose side steps, 3 merkins
Hand release merkins x5, Butt kickers, 4 merkins
Peter Parkers x5, Broad jumps, 5 merkins
Merkin Claps x5, Bear crawl, 6 merkins
Air toss merkins x5, High Knee runs, 7 merkins
Diamond Merkins x5, Side step mosey, 8 merkins
Shoulder Taps x5, Backpedal, 9 Merkins
Carolina Dry Docks x5,  Jail break, 10 Merkins
*Q Intended on counting back down for 2nd set to double the work but ran out of time, I’ll have this perfected on my next opportunity, shoulders spared for now, Let me learn to count first…
One more Thang [station 3]:
10 minute non stop Ring of Fire with 2 PAX dragging the Firestones in a small out and back [75′]. Q’s counting got sloppy and I called in the Pros for assist. IC – LBC’s, Box Cutters, flutter kicks, burpies, butterfly crunches, Flutter kicks, Leg raises, and maybe a few more while waiting for runners. HS 6:15am
Countarama: 12 with the Q
Name-O-rama: Welcome Jacob Riggs aka SHANK, it’s no big deal, just ask him
Announcements followed, Ruck tomorrow TBD, Snookie has Rolling Stone Thursday at Croatan HS, several races, bro olympics coming up, check for dates
Our prayers, led by Laettner offered for the lost lives and families in Las Vegas, and continued prayers for all of the Hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Also for the recent family losses of members of our F3 family.
YHC appreciates the VQ opportunity, broke the ice, enjoy the beautiful day!
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