• When: 03/25/2019
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Suitcase
  • PAX: Duck Butter, Madof, Poca, Nipple Shot, Puddles (RESPECT), Monkey Wrench (RESPECT), Ron Burgandy (RESPECT), Holiday Mansion, Ricardo, Kiwi
  • AO: Back Blasts, Knarr

Mornings like today is why I love what we do in in Carterico.  Great weather, awesome AO, a wonderful PAX, and the best mumble chatter in all of F3 land.  As we are waiting for the hard start, a casserole carrier roles in with Madof, Duck, Poca, and Nipple.  Now, today is going to be a great day.  So what’s up with the Knartt?  You know whenever Duck Butter and Nipple Shot, there are always going to be good stories.  Nipple was messaging Shaft last night that he was going to the Knartt this morning, spell check didn’t know what to do with it so it stuck.  I did a little scouting Sunday afternoon and a plan was in place so here we go.  A quick disclaimer was given and a short mosey around the parking lot for Warmarama:

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers

Wind Mills

Sun Gods

Some additional Stretching

The next part through some for a loop when I asked Ricardo how to get to the tennis courts and a couple of comments were made about my age and forgetting what I was doing.  Just wait your time will come.  Following Ricardo to the courts we got to it:

A warmup with a round of suicides touching all lines on both courts

Bear craw to the middle, Lt Dan to the fence, repeat to the start

Crab Walk to the middle, Lt Dan to the fence and repeat

Partner Up, Partner A runs to the fence and back while partner B does the Exercise.

Exercises: LBC’s, Squats, WWI’s. and Mountain Climbers

In the middle, Duck Butter wonders off the court, We were thinking he may have gotten the call from Mother Nature, but in true Duck fashion and what we are all about, he spots someone across the way and puts an EH on the guy in the gloom.  He gets a commitment that he will be come next Monday.  Great job Duck Butter. Finishing the partner round, we make our way out to the side street.  We are going to mosey as a PAX to the Hospice house stopping along the way for 10 merkins at each stop.  Once arriving at the CCHC, we form a line for an Indian Run back to the starting point stopping a few times for a round of squats.  Once back at the starting point, we did a couple rounds of light pole sprints.  With a few minutes to spare, we did mosyed around the parking lot to the shovel flag for some Mary that included: LBCs, Box Cutters, Low Slow Flutters, American Hammers.

Announcements: Core Sound Run April 6

Prayers: Lassie’s Brother

Kiwi took us out in a great prayer.

It’s easy for us to get in routines, even in our F3 lives going to the same workouts every week.  I stepped out side my sand box this week and Q’d the Knarr (Knartt) for the first time.  It is a great AO with lots of A shoe workout possibilities.  I’ll be back!


Until Next Time!  Suitcase




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