• When: 04/26/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Cooter, Kiwi, Shaft and Fumble visiting from Greensboro
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hash Mark

The spring season has finally kicked in, YHC thought while heading to the AO on this warm April morning.  I was feeling excited because a couple of days ago, Cooter had asked me to cover for Denver, who is training for a bike race on Saturday, as Q for the Hashmark.  This would be my VQ for that AO. Cooter was the first to roll in and posted the flag like a great site Q should. Next to roll in was an unfamiliar face in a F3 shirt.  Cooter and I were quick to welcome our fellow F3 brother visiting from Greensboro “Fumble”.  Living here at the beach, we get the opportunity this time of year to welcome visitors from all over.  I think that is one of the greatest things about F3, that when you were visiting somewhere, you should be able to find a workout to join in. Kiwi and Shaft rolled in just before a hard start.  A flawless mission statement and disclaimer was said and here we go!

Warm a Rama

Hillbillies x15, Cotton Pickers IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Sun Gods IC x10 forward and reverse

The Thang

Summer is coming so better start working on those abs. In total, we made 7 stops and repeated the same ab work out at each stop. WWI x20, LSF x20, LBCs x20. Also adding in 3 Burpee’s OYO at a few of the stops. After the 2nd stop through our 7 stop tour,  I found a spot roughly about 10 yards apart on the pavement. We performed “7s”  with Burpee‘s on one end and then bear crawl to the other end for LBCs. This turned out to look better on paper, but we made it through! Nice work guys!! Halfway through our 7 stop tour,  we entered a parking lot where we performed Rocky Balboa’s IC x15 and Dips x20.

I have learned, as a Q, you try to make the workout tough so that there will be minimal mumble chatter. But, I know that it is next to impossible to kill Kiwi and Cooter without killing yourself.  I now have learned  that Shaft and Fumble proved to be just as strong!  After finishing our tour, we made it back to the flag for some added in pain. Time for my signature move “Wall Worms”! We performed 3 sets and 3 sets of the Peoples Chair with added in Air presses IC x10.  We finished at the flag with around round of abs, Hard Stop!

Count, Name a Rama, Announcements about the FOD and Hero Patriot tomorrow. Prayer request were taken for Little John, Laettner and Dixon. Kiwi lead us in prayer, thanks brother!

Special thanks to Cooter for allowing me to lead this small group of warriors who proved to have big hearts. Proud of you guys!! Til next time…



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