• When: 11/8/17
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Lunchbox, Laettner, Purple Rain
  • AO: Prometheus

YHC decided to test our resolve to winning the Weight Loss Challenge and have us start our Ruck at Dunkin Donuts.  Pulled in and realized that once again Laettner was out doing a standard.  Lunchbox came in hot and we were off.  I let the guys know that I was hoping to get in 4 miles and I wanted to head towards Swansboro to say hello to Prometheus our namesake.  We were off to a good pace.  I must say it got a little chilly going over the bridges due to the slightly gusty conditions but we persevered.  I noticed that we were short on time, we touched the Swansboro side gave a quick wave to Prometheus and headed back.  We noticed that upon getting close we had not quite got to the 4 mile mark.  Laettner thought it a good idea to keep pushing so we kept going to get our 4 miles in while only going over allotted time by about 1.5 minutes.  Really enjoyed the 2nd F with the guys today and we did a lot of talking about the challenge we were doing.  Couchpotato on the Q tomorrow.  Laettner led us out in prayer.

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