• When: 11/11/20
  • Workout Style: BootCamp Bands
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: FranknBeans [Respect x 2], McSketti [respect HBD], Ginger, Prego, Bandit, Harlequin [FNG], Cyclopes [respect x2], TarHole, SandFlea
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Prometheus

A short mosey to wake up and right at The Squat, YHC was immediately informed by TH that I missed the ultimate squats yesterday so we went easy on the legs today. Ab punishment until there were moans and groans, then THE BANDS -COLT 45’s [ala Linus] and many many ROWS and FLIES. A short mosey to the ABC store for BTTW while reciting the 5 F3 Core Principles for the FNG. Some WW1’s just out of respect and a few one armed wall merkins. It wouldn’t be right to skip the bank, we had a round of 4 corners courtesy of PREGO, and one slow and steady round of ATMS,

Back to the fence, rinse and repeat, 9 minutes of PAX choice MARY. COT joined by the horses of the Gauntlet led by PO PEEP, good to see you bro! Prayers for our brothers and the families, and a HAPPY VETERANS DAY and thank you to all that served, including the families that supported them.

Always an honor and a pleasure to Q, thanks SandFlea, nice work at keeping the attendance up.



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