• When: 05/03/2019
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Newman
  • PAX: Cooter, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Maytag, Kiwi, Plunger, LemonJello, Griswald, Tonya (FNG)
  • AO: Hash Mark, Morehead City

As I was making my way down Hwy 24 to the AO this morning, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, so I figured i’d wait and see who we had in attendance. While suiting up I realized I had two left hand gloves. With plenty of eager Hashmark veterans there I took this as an omen that we needed to take a left turn on Granville and take the pax around the good ole’ Brandywine loop.

We started off will a good mosey to the first intersection where we make the turn. After a quick WARMARAMA of sun gods ICx10, Cotton Pickers ICx10, and imperial walkers ICx10, we were off…


Now I have to give some credit to @Ricardo for this one. A while back we attempted to complete the loop doing BLIMPS. Although unsuccessful at the time, YHA is always up for a challenge.

Therefore we started on the rack and stack of Burpees X5, LBCs X10, Imperial walker x15 (half count IC), merkins x20, plank Jack’s x25, and squats x30.

We were about half way around and half way through the time when we finished the final stack. To be conservative, instead of de-stacking we started back stacking from the beginning. Finishing up the loop we made it back up to 20 merkins. So all we missed out on was one set of 25 plank Jack’s.

Shout-out to LemonJello for staying with it.










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