• When: 12/03/19
  • Workout Style: BootCamp
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: Paparazzi [respect], OliveOyl, Caitlin [respect], DoubleDip [respect, respect], Weinstien [respect, respect], PurpleRain, Ponch [respect], Pastor Kevin [FNG]
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Western Park

YHC was happy to see six pax and an FNG ready to roll, then add in OliveOyl and 3 Burpees for a total of nine at the newest, latest greatest AO, THE LATE SHOW! A perfect mission statement, disclaimer on demand and somewhere in there we added the 5 principles of F3. I admit, I was not on top of my game today, the cold takes its toll on my joints, but this great crowd inspired me to give it a go and a mixed medley of our lexicon’s finest

Warmarama – Micheal Phelps, Cheech Girl Fights, straight to the Band Station ready for —

THANG 1 – Viking Row for neck and back work, head shoulders, knees and toes sort of… Curls and stuff for about 15 mins. On to the tennis courts, mosey, walk, whatever you please —

THANG 2 – Balls to the Walls with a 10 count x 9 pax, recover with PeoplesChAir Press, rinse and repeat with a Wall Worm add on until PurpleRain cried because his feet kept slipping on the wet fence… QIC added a bit of ab work then on we went.

THANG 3 – 11’s but as a group – In an effort to keep this crowd together [for as much mumble chatter as possible], the pax could sprint, mosey or walk to the other end of the court, when first man drops for 10-1 WW1’s, all PAX drop in place, then back peddle so we could do 1-10 merkins together. This worked well, Ponch and PR pushed themselves and us.

MARY – we rounded out the morning with a pax choice, even ended up with a big sexy and found time for Supermans, 30 seconds to spare and a have a nice day moment.

NAMARAMA – FNG now known as Cyclops, welcome brother! Announcements and COT prayer request for many followed, Caitlin took us out to end the second and very successful Late Show!

It’s always an honor to lead, keep it up gents, this is a great thing for all.




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