Four Pax showed this morning for the Green Mile.  Couch Potato motivated me when I drove over the EI bridge and waived to him. He was running a little standard before (and after) posting this morning – that guy is in perpetual beast mode.  After a quick (but spot on) mission statement, we headed down Coast Guard Rd for a little out and back action.

In the folklore of Ireland, leprechauns are crafty, sprite-like little men.  Supposedly, leprechauns can reveal the location of buried treasure – usually a pot of gold – but only to those fast enough to catch them.  Carterico’s F3 has its very own gen-u-wine born in Ireland leprechaun now (so named at the Band of Brothers about a month ago).  This fine young man is staying with us in the “Navy” household through mid-summer when he heads back to his family in Costa Rica (yes, you read that right, born in Ireland and lives in Costa Rica). While he is not “little” by any stretch, this morning he showed how fast and crafty he is.  In other words, while us old(er) guys thought we would show him how fast [e’hem] we are, he smoked us.  I think “Lightning” Laettner was faster but I couldn’t see that far ahead of me.  In any event, none of us was able to snag the Leprechaun in the end.  Your pot of gold and your lucky charms are safe for today Leprechaun.

Announcements: Couch Potato on the Q at the Boondocks tomorrow.  Laettner is bringing an FNG he has been EH’ing for over a year to Prometheus on Wed – let’s get out some big numbers and show the FNG a good time so he wants to come back.

Prayer requests: Pray for the Gramercy Seniors.  They (including Couch Potato’s 2.0, @Putin and @Enis) are on their senior trip up at Lake Gaston.  Laettner asked that we keep his M in our prayers and help her celebrate and enjoy her upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

As always, it was a pleasure and an honor to lead.


Navy, out.



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