• When: 04/11/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Button Cap
  • PAX: LadyBug
  • AO: Prometheus

When Purple Rain Q’d Prometheus a few weeks ago he took us over the EI bridge and YHC noted how much trash and debris was littered all over the bridge. The human condition is in such a sad state of affairs, littering and public waste disposal is fairly commonplace. YHC thought it would be a good idea to do our part in cleaning up…..and announced on slack that this workout would be dedicated to that end. bad idea.

YHC arrived on time to see Lady Bugs monster truck in waiting, at least he wouldn’t have to do this alone. Five minute and 1 minute were given, no one else is coming, pretty sure Griswold is the kind guy to throw a soda bottle out of his window anyhow…..due to lack of participation, The trash cans were left in the back of the truck, green mission aborted, mission statement given and we were off.

we rucked across the EI bridge and back. We had deep and meaningful conversations about things you will never know of bc you weren’t there. We walked over a bait knife, pill bottles, 2 x’s, plywood, sheet metal, soda bottles, fasteners and much more trash that will probably end up in our waterways shortly. Maybe next time.

Great getting to know you lady bug.


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