With another week upon us in Carterico, YHC rolled down to Big Rock Landing for what was already a long morning.  No sleep since 2 AM, and knowing what was ahead for the day, I began thinking about today’s workout and what, if anything, could be done differently out of the ordinary form our regular exercises.  As the PAX began rolling in, warnings of 5, 3, 2,and 1 were announced followed by mission statement, diclaimer, and our 5 core principles.  With no FNG’s, we started our m;orning with a little mosey around the fountain and back for:



Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Sun Gods X 12 IC (Forward and Reverse)

Imperial Walkers X 15 IC

One quick mosey around the fountain and grab a band for:

The Thang

3 rounds of the following with rep counts descending from 15 to 10 to 5

Exercises were as follows:

Bicep Curls (R/L)

Shoulder Press (R/L)

Upright rows

Chest press and chest fly (bands wrapped around railings of cutting board)

Mosey around Red Fish

Repeat for next 2 rounds

Next up was 3 rounds of Dips, Urkins, Squats, followed by another mosey around the block.

At this time, most all upper body strength is almost gone.  But nonetheless, we press on and begin the final part of the workout.

Tractor Pulls were next as we partnered up and intertwined our bands so partner A could pull while partner B applied resistance.  Since we had an odd number, odd man out planked until all PAX returned to the start.  After the 4th round, the decision was made that the last 3 would plank due to time being close to hard stop.  One more quick trip around Red Fish and circle up for:



:Low Slow Flutters

American Hammer

Protractor (Blue Cross)

Announcements/Prayer Request were made and a gracious PAX member took us out in prayer.

It was an honor as always to lead you men on this day.  Until we meet again……


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