• When: 05/09/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: spongebob
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench (Respect), Duck Butter, Madoff (Respect), Aflac, Buckeye, Peroni, Shroom, Pocahontas, and The Second Mile
  • AO: Carterican Court

Rolled up to the AO and suddenly realized just at that moment that YHC had not sent the PreBlast for the Carterican Court. Ouch. YHC’s habits and routines as QIC have a lot of room for improvement. Resolved to do this right next time and got on with it.


Moseyed around the sign to the parking lot by the basketball court to warm up:

  • Side Straddle Hop ic x20
  • Cotton Picker ic x10
  • Sun Gods ic x10
  • Windmill ic x10
  • Downward Dog (calf stretch) 10 ct each side.

The Opener

We proceeded to the east end of the parking lot and lined up for bear crawl merkins: bear crawl west across parking lot, doing a merkin on each parking space line. Followed by plank hold until the six comes in.

Fast mosey to the Tree of Life (met with some consternation and unfavorable Dreadnought comparisons from the PAX) with YHC’s in-process explanation that this was merely to provide palate cleanser. 🙂

We made it to the tree of life and circled up for

  • sumo karate 10ct each side
  • sumo pulse squats ic only x8 b/c I was getting tired

Regular mosey back to the mid point of the parking lot next to the basketball courts for

  • merkins sc x10
  • plank hold
  • bear crawl + parking space merkins to the east end of the lot
  • plank hold until six comes in

Move to the basketball court for so-called garden variety suicides, touching each line each time and … off goes Duck before I can finish describing it … he was that excited to run it. Believe it!!

Main Course

We then moseyed to the picnic shelter for three rounds of

  • derkins sc x10
  • dips ic x10
  • erkins sc x10
  • alternating stepups ic x10
  • balls to the wall 10ct each man
  • lap around tree-of-life

On the first balls to the wall we did 5 ct both hands, 5 ct right hand only, 5 ct left hand only. Not necessarily a crowd pleaser so YHC omaha’d that to regular BTTW on subsequent rounds. Then back to the flag for mary and stretching.


  • cotton pickers
  • standing hamstring stretch 10ct each side (straight front leg)
  • runners lunge, add twist, add mini pushups 10ct each side
  • down dog calf stretch 10ct each side


  • bicycle ic x10
  • bicycle reverse ic x10
  • WWI sc x10
  • LBC ic x10
  • LSF ic x10
  • American Hammer ic x10
  • PAX choice: Duck: Box Cutters ic x10
  • PAX choice: Madoff: Dying Cockroach ic x10
  • PAX choice: Buckeye: Hello Dolly ic x10

Hard Stop

Thank you F3 for so many things, including this opportunity to lead!

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