It was a typical morning in downtown Beaufort for the Clamdigger, the docks were quiet and the water was like glass.  We were missing the random stumbling brewhound that may join our workouts from time to time, but it was otherwise a fairly normal day. To my surprise, our old pal from off, Duckbutter, fresh from genital genocide, showed up from off with an FNG to bask in the glory of Beaufort.  Duck remarked his man tights were fitting a bit more snug than usual due to some moderate swelling from the flop ‘n’ chop, but the seedless grapes were ready to go. FNG was spry and limber, ready to take on some heavy lifting in case the mash project re-wire drew any interference.

After the disclaimer was given, we scampered over to the Stillwater Park for some warmarama. Side straddle hop x20, cotton Pickersx20, windmillsx20, good morningsx20, warm up Merkins x20,

The PAX then was off with a fast-paced run to the courthouse for the meat and potatoes of our morning exercise.

Circled up on Broad Street for our attempt to tackle a long version of Dora known as B.O.M.B.S

Partner up,
One man ran to the courthouse steps and back, the second partner performed the exercise.

50 burpees
100 overhead claps
150 Merkins
200 Big Boy sit-ups
250 squats

The Pax then jaywalked down Broad Street and made a right on Pollock and headed towards the Crystal Coast Lady.

On the benches, we performed

30 dips IC
10 Durkins IC
20 dips IC
10 Durkins IC
30 Low slow flutter IC
Jailbreak back to the Dock House for the 6:15 hard stop

Welcome to FNG Life Alert, thanks for making it out hope to see you again, another man who lived “from off” and is glad to be living in Beaufort. Prayers for Dippers dad, and speedy recovery for Duck. Hoping his swag bag has enough energy to produce the potato water for his follow up check this week.   Great morning in the coolest small town.
Twitty took us out and glorious prayer.


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