• When: 6/24/20
  • Workout Style: bandcamp
  • QIC: navysparklesponch
  • PAX: Cyclops (RR)Couchpotato (R), Pillbox (R), Linus, ponch
  • AO: Prometheus

WARMARAMA – mr phelps and girl fights. Mosey to the park with an eaglet in tow, watched the horseflies swarm over the hairy eagle runners and turn back to the flag. 1/2 mile in and warmed up

THANG 1 – Rack and stack four corners of the Neuse Sports parking lot ish  20 Band Curls, 25 Band resistance squats, 30 Band Military Press and 35 Lateral raises. We counted, we laughed we counted some more. It was like a dream.

Mosey back to the park with bands to see if the horsefly situation was any better and since it wasn’t so we taunted them with Triceps kickbacks, Curls and Military presses then back to the flag and the wall of Cinder Blocks.

THANG 2 – Clockblock Merkins began with pax in plank position and we never left it as we transitioned around and over the blocks for said exercise times 2. Pallet cleanser of one legged bridges off the block and repeat.

THANG 3 – Colt 45s with the Cinder blocks for Linus’ staple

THANG 4 began as a 3 way plank on the blocks –  front , right, left and then morphed into more clockblock merkins because the Prometheus regulars DEMAND to feel the burn (its so deep) the gauntlet (yes I said gauntlet) pax joined in and completely ruined our strict social distancing so YHC lead all who would follow with 111 WW1s giving CP the time honored tradition of closing with his version of a lay and pray which felt a lot like Supermans.

Life is good in fact its Glorious.

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