YHC pulled up early to check out the quantity and quality of the tires available for today’s activities, and chose three of the largest sizes, extra large, large and super sized. More on this later. Returning to the parking lot, the cast of regulars had assembled with an out of place plus one. Hillary and pasqually were talking to a woman over by the vehicles. We assumed it was an M dropping off something or someone. Turns out she was high and lost wandering through the school parking lot looking for her friend at 5:20 in the morning. Drugs are a real problem in our community and we were all reminded of that this morning.

This delayed our start so a short disclaimer was blurted and off we went around the school taking the long way to the track for a quick warmup lap before SSH IC x 20 followed by some hamstring stretching. Not wanting heart rates to drop, we were off for another lap followed by Sun Gods x 10 forward and reverse, Windmill IC x 10 and Merkins IC x 15. One more lap followed by Groiners IC x 10 and Merkins IC x 15. One more lap capped off with Groiners IC x 10, Merkins IC x 10, and Burpees OYO x 5. Somebody (Jangalang) was bitching about wanting some grass so off we went to the tire pit. We split into three groups of three and each group picked their tire. Each group lined up on their tire and each man did a burpee outside the tire, jumped into and out of the tire, performing a burpee on the other side exiting the tire. We did three each.

Leaving the tire pit, we ran back to the parking lot circling the vehicles to see if our friend was still there. Finding no one, we continued on around the school all the way back to the dip bench. Split into two groups, group 1 ran a lap around the building while group 2 did AMRAP dips. Flap jack for 2 rounds. Mosey to the Pull up bars. Group 1 ran to the tire pit while group 2 did AMRAP knee raises. Flap jack for 2 rounds. Next was AMRAP Pull ups for 2 rounds. The task in the tire pit was tire flips with a partner (6 flips total) each round.

One more lap around the track to complete before heading to the shovel flag for two minutes of downdog/merkin/updog/merkin x 3. Hard stop 6:14:30. 3.3 Miles


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Prayer Requests:

Our community is under attack. Our families are under attack. Set the example. Be the leaders and fight back against indifference and darkness. Be the light that shows the way to truth. Seek God.

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