Small group, so small backblast

Warmarama led by Pasqually (what was I thinking)

30 SSH IC  10 Burpees SC OYO   10 Cotton PIckers IC  15 SSH IC  5 Burpees SC OYO  10 Windmills IC  10 Sun Gods FWD  Break apart Bells and HIN

Extended warm up for Bells  included 10 Sling shots and 10 Halos


  • Rep series 5, 10, 5  Bent over row (rt, lft) , Curls (rt, lft) , Over head press (rt, lft)
  • Rep series 10,10,10 Lunge pass thru, Crazy eights
  • Rep series 5, 10, 5 Goblet squat, Front raise, Front upright row
  • 2x thru  10 IC LBC’S, 10 IC American Hammers

Trying something new today Moving Peoples chair with kettlebell hold out front, pass bell to left, first pax runs to end of line and picks up bell.  Once the moving pax raises the bell out front pass bell to the left and repeat movement.

Adapt, modify, be fluid.  Mosey to parking lot to pick up extra bell for next round.

Pax do AMRAP squats,  with two bells as one pax first round runs the short loop of parking lot, second round 10 dips, third round 10 erkins.  Rinse repeat for all pax.

Love ending the workouts with CAPTAIN THERKINS – 1 x 4 + 5      Box Cutters, American Hammers, Merkins

Made it to three rounds of this and Hard stop.  Meet the HIN back in the parking lot for COT.

Announcements, Prayer requests, Blart took us out.


Blart out.


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