With the Mission statement and disclaimer given, a pax of 10 moseyed to the parking lot at 5th st to warm up.

WU – SSH, Sun gods, cotton pickers, hillbilly, merkin, plank jacks, mountain climbers

Thang: Beginning at fifth street and headed west, we used the long string of amber colored street lights as our guide. bear crawl to a light, 10 x star jumps, Lt Dan to the next light, star jumps x 10, repeato until Ruddy Duck.

Turn around – run to the led street lights for 8 point man maker and knee up suicides. End back at ruddy duck.

2 x 4 corners around sanitary parking lot alternating between 10x squats and 10x merkins.

Divided pax in to two equally numbered groups. Indian run in each respective group past the mass of pax at Band of Brothers to 8th street.

Group A and B alternated between an AMRAP exercise and running from Evans to Sheppard and back. Exercised included prisoner squats, knee ups, sumo jump squats, and alternating jump lunges.

Mosey to the curb at the MHC municipal building. Cycle through a series of curb irkins, dirkins, dips, left right step ups, and quick feet

Indian Run back to the sanitary lot for Mary.

Mary: American Hammer, WW1, homer to marge (bridge), low slow flutter, 10 inch leg hold with 10 count all the way around, lbcs

Quick count off, namerama, announcements, and prayer.

2nd F at sweet beans.

It is always a honor to lead the Carterico Pax.

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