• When: 05/09/2018
  • Workout Style: Celebration
  • QIC: jang a lang
  • PAX: Ram, Bayliner, Pine Apple, Reef, Monkey W, Blue Cross, Gert, Dipper, Shroom, Plunger, Birdman, Porky, Pastor C, Rooney, Buckeye, Chain Link, Newman
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None, Morehead City

The perfect number of Pax, 18, met in the shadows of several large utility trucks parked at MHCCC. Renovations abound at this Club. Today’s version of the Hole In None would be a focus on the grass. A week without rain afforded YHC this opportunity. We joined the the Kettlebellers for an intro by Immigrant and moseyed down the path to warm up together.

Warm Up exercises were- SSH, CP, Hand Rel Merkins, Sun Gods, Down Dog, and IW

The HIN Pax split off at this point and jogged down the long fairway to find place to cross the road, CC that is.

Hole 3- Dying Cockroach x 20 IC. Mosey to the middle of the fairway, 2 lines. Burpee Hurdle 2 rounds per man. All pax member plank as the last guy hurdles each planking man and does 1 burpee in between each.

Hole 4- Monkey Humpers x 20 IC. Mosey to the middle of the fairway, 2 lines. Bear Crawl Snake. Each man planks as the last man weaves in between each planking man in the bear crawl position.

Hole 3- jack Webb of LSF and LBC up to 16 IC each

Partner up- Partners would run to opposite ends of the hole for 10 burpees and return. At this point, the partners would complete 20 Russian Twist, 20 Booyah Merkins, 20 Leg throw downs each. Repeto. After the 2nd round, the clock allowed for 1 more round of 10 burpees each.

Now 4 minutes remained. YHC took 2 of these minutes to lead a few yoga moves including down dog, up dog, lizard stretch and wide leg hang.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for a 0615 hard stop.

4 workouts tomorrow, 2nd F basketball game tomorrow night at Baptist Church, Slick Cam begins Saturday and Beaufort 5k Saturday to benefit autism.  Congratulations to Lassie on his election to the school board.

Monkey Wrench took the entire Pax out with a moving prayer.

This place affords the Q endless opportunities offer up a beatdown. Sign up. This is the first AO YHC ever Qed. I asked Gilligan the night before that morning to co-Q with me. He said, “No Jang, you got this yourself!” The rest is history.

Always a pleasure


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