• When: 4/25/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Tony Romo
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Princess, Frank n Beans (Respect), Kiwi, Brokovich, Skidmark, Backup, Dash8 (respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Croatan High School

Thursday workout – my creative juices are all gone this morning…..no clever name.

PAX Arrived, and I beat on them.  I am going to use the “Skidmark Barometer”  to tell you how hard portions of the workout were.  If it was tough, the barometer will say no chatter, if easy, chatter.

Started with a nice little mosey to each corner of the parking lot, 5 burpees OYO.  Skidmark chatter.

Warm-O-Rama – Skidmark chatter
15 Cotton Pickers
10 Sun Gods
Right over left, left over right

Over to the benches to go back to school – time for a little Triple D University

Round 1: Skidmark Chatter
5 Dips
5 Derkins
5 Urkins
5 Dry Docks
Lap around the parking lot

Round 2: Skidmark Chatter
10 Dips
10 Derkins
10 Urkins
10 Dry Docks
Lap around the parking lot

Round 3: Skidmark Groaning
15 Dips
15 Derkins
15 Urkins
15 Dry Docks
Lap around the parking lot

Round 3: Skidmark No Chatter
20 Dips
20 Derkins
20 Urkins
20 Dry Docks

Headed to the truck to pick up coupons for DOUBLE DORA MADNESS. Each PAX grabs a landscape stone
Split into teams of three

Round 1:
One PAX at each end of the parking lot, one starts as a runner. Skidmark minimal chatter
PAX 1 starts doing 150 curls
PAX 2 starts doing 150 dead lifts

Round 2: Skidmark minimal chatter lots of sweat
PAX 1 starts doing 150 triceps press
PAX 2 starts doing 150 shoulder press

Ab Time: Skidmark chatter
PAX lined up for V sit relay and passed the blocks down the line and stacked them
PAX got in plank position and handed the blocks back
we did this twice

Headed to the flag for 2 minutes of Mary, announcements, prayers, dismissed.

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