• When: 04/16/18
  • Workout Style: Cardio/Bands
  • QIC: Creflo
  • PAX: Blue Cross, Ron Burgundy, Holiday Mansion, Monkey Wrench, Sniffer, Spinal Tap, Bambard, Wilson, Denver, Wifi, Puddles, Reef Donkey, Denver, Blue Cross
  • AO: Back Blasts, Band of Brothers, Morehead City

YHC was excited to see a number of folks decided to join in for his virgin Q!  Much appreciated

Purpose statement, disclaimer, and greeting was given.

Warm A Rama

  • Slow Mosey one block proved be a good start to the workout given the 30 mph headwind.
  • Sun gods
  • cotton pickers
  • Turn right, slow mosey with a 30 mph cross wind one block
  • Wind Mills
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Turn right, slow mosey with 30 mph wind at our back
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Stretch what you need to stretch

The Thang

Interval training (40 seconds exercise, 20 seconds active rest) rotating between cardio training and strength training w/bands.

  • Set 1  – Bicep Curl with Band followed by Mountain Climbers  (repeat, switching arms for the curl)
  • Set 2 – Overhead Press with Band followed by a little Bruce Lee-jab, cross, knee strike, knee strike  (repeat, switching arms and knees)  At this point the Q realized the Pax had little to no martial arts experience or ever done Tae Bo or ever seen Tae Bo or ever thrown a punch or seen anyone at anytime ever throw a punch in real life or on TV.  Nevertheless, heart rates were raised.
  • Set 3 – Standing Arm Press with Band followed by Plank Jacks  (repeat)
  • Set 4 – Standing  or Upright Row followed by Alternating Punches from a Horse Stance (squat position)  (repeat)   At this point, as arms flailed in relatively forward like motions the Q realized that when it comes to self-defense, the PAX should invest in a concealed carry class.
  • Set 5 – Squats with Bands followed by Alternating Should Taps  (repeat)
  • Set 6 -Lunges followed by Side Straddle Hops (repeat)
  • Set 7 – Merkins/Urkins/Dirkins -PAX choice, followed by Monkey Humpers  (repeat-due to time the last round of Monkey Humbers was skipped)


40 seconds exercise / 20 seconds rest

  • American Hammer
  • LBC
  • Low Slow Flutter
  • Dying Cock Roach

Due to the hurricane force winds the PAX enjoyed the feeling of being on the beach throughout the workout.  Once we cleared the sand from our eyes name-a-rama was completed, announcements were given, prayer requests were shared, and the Q offered a brief word of encouragement for the day from 1 Corinthians 9:24 “24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run to win!”  Here Paul compares being a disciple of Christ to an athlete in the games.  Everyday we need to live with purpose and pursue spiritual excellence.  Like a runner in a race, we should run to win!  What can you do today to intentionally grow in Christ-likeness?

With that said the Q closed out his virgin Q with prayer.  Many thanks to the PAX for making it a fun experience!


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