It was a glorious morning to wake up early and enjoy Gods blessings, – I hope that’s what Sparkles’ neighborhood thought at 0615 as a lanky FNG was pounding stakes into the soaking wet football field.                                                                                                                                                                    Said FNG quickly left YHC to play on the monkey bars leaving time to study the Winky and consider an Omaha due to wet grass .                                    Along came softwood who must have thought the workout was gonna be less than adequate as he began to run around the parking lot to warm up. PurpleRain showed next and YHC took the opportunity to consult the wise old F3 alum regarding wet grass and making the workout enjoyable for all. I wont do that again as he offered some advice that “if you’re not pissing off at least 1 person on a Q, then you’re doing it wrong.                                           Princess, McMuffin , Bedsore and Meme arrived together – and like the Grinch on Christmas day…, “ponch’s small heart grew three sizes that day, and then the true meaning of F3 came thru, and ponch found the strength of 10 ponch’s , plus 2” (google it)


Mission statement, 5 Principles and Disclaimer were a breeze sober.



Flying in the face of the wise old sage of an alum, we stretched, and we stretched. First right over Left and then yes, Left over right. Then Cotton Pickers, Michael Phelps minus the weed, SunGods, Hillbillys and some Yoga – downward dog and then the cobra which both had YHC excited to get back home to the FNGs mom and concerned that Princess had sprung a leak.


THE THANG – no Sparkles were harmed in the making of this Q

The football field held 5 expertly crafted and homemade stenciled signs at intervals 3 evolutions were executed                                                                         1. Bear crawl to the first sign for 10 Merkins, High Knees to the next sign for 20 Sumo Squats, Buttkickers to the third sign for 30 cold and wet Boxcutters, Karaoke to the fourth sign for 40 Freddy Mercurys, Backpeddle to the fifth sign for 50 LBC and sprint back to the goal line for 2nd evolution                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2. Bear Crawl , 10 Burpees, High Knees, Carolina Dry Docks or as thejudge says (middle school pushups), Butt Kickers, 30 Monkey humpers, Karaoke, 40 Hairy Rockettes, Back Peddle, 50 American Hammmers Sprint back to Goal line                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3. Bear Crawl 10 Shoulder taps, High Knees, 20 seconds of a PERFECTLY FORMED high plank to make Cheech proud, Butt Kickers, 30 Boss Tweeds, Karaoke, 40 seconds low plank , Back pedal, 50 seconds of have a nice day in the cold wet grass 🙂

Mosey to the Pavilion of Pain for 2 rounds of Step ups, Dips and Urkins add some Bulgarian split squats and Princess Scorpion Merkins (or whatever they are called)

Mosey to the playground paired up so that  partner A circles the playground whilst partner B does pullups or Rows awaiting Partner A’s return only to switch and repeat with Planks and then repeat with Merkins

Mosey to parking lot for the Deck of Death with Easter Eggs and muzak.

Mary only got 4 minutes PAX choice which ended with the FNG closing it out with well executed Boxcutters.

NAME A RAMA, COUNT A RAMA – Kraken sign up – DO IT , Dec 14 Christmas gathering at Casa PurpleRain    –  Prayers for Snooki and family,  Burnouts family, and our brothers Cheech, Laettner and HotLips running today. My 2.0 let the Circle know he loves baseball, soccer and leggos – a Yankee fan received a pretty nice F3 name and theJudge is in the house.

Thank you for the laughs and friendship today gents. This family, machine, group or whatever you wanna call it is truly special. I’m humbled to be included and so proud to have shared some of it with my 2.0 this am, you made him laugh and feel like a part of the family and that’s a gift I cherish. I think we have something in the works for Oct 25, 2020 that includes all F3 HIMs thanks to Bedsore and Meme !!!!!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, The Judge and I have a few neighborhood houses to Egg, just getting ready for all hallows eve.

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