• When: 08/01/18
  • Workout Style: Kettlebell
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Blue Cross, Gobbler, Doogie, Ronnie B, Vila, Reef Donkey, Jack Rabbit
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Tinkerbells

YHC arrived at the AO early to scout out a soft place for the workout.  The Pax would be doing some ground work and I wanted them to have a soft place to play.  I also knew that it is getting light later and I needed to be under a light so I could read the note card with the list of exercises I had planned.  The first place was nice but there were pine cones scattered about.  Anticipating the complaining I continued the search.  Finally I located a nice spot near the tractor shed where we normally do our Warmarama.  The grass wasn’t exactly lush and there were bare spots but it would work fine.

The Pax began rolling in and it looked for a while like the Hole in None Q was gonna be a no show.  But soon Pastor Cleaver rolled in with plenty of time to spare.  YHC delivered the intro, mission statement, and disclaimer flawlessly then let both groups to the aforementioned shed for a little Warmarama.  Pastor C and I alternated with the workouts.


  • SIDE STRADDLE HOPS X 15 IC (Monkey Wrench)
  • WIND MILLS X 10 IC (Pastor C)
  • SUN GODS X 15 IC FORWARD/REVERSE  (Monkey Wrench)  This is where Ronnie B tried to throw me off my game by making fun of my imitation of a Marine Corps Drill Instructor’s first count of an exercise (wan two three four).
  • COTTON PICKER X 15 IC (Pastor C)
  • DOWN DOG / UP DOG (or COBRA according to Reef) X 15 seconds each then repeat each

Then the Pax split up and each went there own separate way.  I suspect the HINers sat on Jang’s porch and had coffee but I can’t prove it.  The Bellers went down to the flag to gather their bells and moseyed back to the shed for the Thang.


Note that the entire workout would be performed with the Amazon Prime Ultimate 80’s Hair Metal album playing in the background.

The Pax gathered in a circle and did 20 exercises AMRAP in 30 seconds with a 10 second break between each.  The exercises were:

  1. Right arm curl
  2. Left arm curl
  3. WWI
  4. Bell up
  5. Right shoulder press
  6. Left shoulder press
  7. American Hammer
  8. Goblet squat
  9. Right arm tricep curl
  10. Left arm tricep curl
  11. Deadlift
  12. Overhead squat
  13. Right arm row
  14. Left arm row
  15. Turkish get up
  16. Jump squat
  17. Right arm floor press
  18. Left arm floor press
  19. Figure 8
  20. Kettlebell swing

Mosey around the flag and back for a repeat of round 1.

Mosey around the MHCC sign and back for Mary.


Reef D. complained about the sand and poor grass condition so we moved to the fairway where the grass was as soft as velvet.

  • American Hammer X 25 IC
  • Ronnie B led us in a 2 minute round of Protractor


Vila asked for prayers for the Hill family as they lost a family member.  Gobbler shared a story teaching us to always look for the positive in every situation.  Ironically I had just heard a similar message on the radio driving to the AO this morning.  I guess God was trying to hammer a message into my thick skull today.  YHC led us in prayer asking for comfort and peach for the Hill family and the ability to see the light all around us instead of the small patches of darkness that always seem to grab our attention.

I am so thankful for the opportunity and ability to have led this group of men today.


Monkey Wrench out


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