• When: 10/18/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Pastor Cleaver, Lamar, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Gertrude (Respect), Blart (Respect), Duck Butter, Pocahontas, Second Mile, Big Mick, Dipper (Kotters), Plunger, Holiday Mansion, Cooter, Squid, Lassie, MyTSharp, Crabby Englishman
  • AO: Back Blasts, Swashbuckler

55° on the casserole carrier dash and YHC knew it would be a great morning. Clown car for Duck and Poca, then off to West Carteret to  verify the fabled HC from Dipper, hoping he wouldn’t have to “meet an adjuster” ITG.

Rolled in with headlights revealing first impressions:  Squid on a standard (He knew Madoff was no challenge), MyT riding shotgun with Plunger (Old school combo probably headed offshore later) and, to Cooter’s joy and relief, a Dipper sighting!

3Fs, Mission, Disclaimer, and mosey to front parking lot while offending Lamar (Lamar: “I’m a man! I’m 28!”).

Circle up for:


Seal Jacks (see Poca for demonstration), Potato Pickers w/clap, Tinactin-style [Mumblechatter crescendos here, see Ronny B, MyT, Duck in a debased synergy], Hillbillies.

Have stuff to do, so pax moseys back to track for:


Merkin Mile:  Run track at own pace. Every minute YHC blows whistle. Assume Merkin position. YHC calls 10 merkins SC. Repeat this for a little while until Holiday accuses you of it being your plan for the entire workout.  Through the hole to the practice field. Line up shoulder to shoulder at cone. Partner up.

Cone 1:  15 Bropees (bitching commences), bear crawl to

Cone 2:  15 WWIs oyo, bear crawl to

Cone 3:  15 Double wides oyo, bear crawl to

Cone 4:  20 CH squats IC oyo

Lt. Dan back to cone 1

Mosey to back side of Home bleachers. Partner back up for 10 Under hand pull-ups, switch, 10 Over hand pull-ups. Catch breath and mosey to bench in back of locker room for DDI:  Dips IC x 15, Derkins SC x 10, Irkins SC x 10. Mosey back to bleachers, rinse and repeat pull-up sequence. The plan here, if anyone is still reading, and by the way, if anyone IS still reading, give this BB a TClap at the bottom, representing a vote to change Duck Butter’s name to Suck Butter. 15 votes carries the motion. Moving on, Omaha plan to return to locker room bench and take Pastor C suggestion to do 2nd round of DDI on front rows of the Home bleachers. We do this, follow up with 2 bleacher snakes for fun, and head back to flag for:


LBC, LSF, Box Cutter (Duck yells “CUT TURD” at every number count. Every. Single. One.) American Hammer to Q exhaustion.

Count off (18 👀)


Announcements:  Graco on Stampede Q. Squid at the Hash, Bono at HP

Prayer Requests:  Lassie’s brother, MeeMee’s M, Blart’s M (Last treatment today!), Delta (Deployed), Cheddar Bo and his family

MyTSharp took us out in prayer in the BOM, reflecting on how our F3 journey over the last 3 years has strengthened us for hardships present and yet to come.

Love, love, love it men!  Thanks to all that posted today.


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