So I’ve been at this F3 thing for a little while now and correct me if I’m wrong, but I truly believe we had two first time events at Prometheus this morning.

Before getting to that, three strong PAX and the Q met to better themselves this morning.  Pillbox and Griswold were on-site when I jogged up and Couch Potato came out of The Bay with a few minutes to spare.  You would have thought it was about to snow by the way he was dressed, but he quickly adjusted, mission statement was delivered, and we were off as a group toward Swansboro.  We stayed together for a few miles and then broke apart in to groups of two.  Griswold and I made it back with a couple of minutes to spare to see CP and Pillbox on the ground with their legs in the air.  No questions asked, we bumped fists, recognized that we all knew each other well, made announcement for the Qs for the next few days, and voiced prayer concerns for Laettner’s family, and the medical concerns of our fellow injured PAX.  Griswold took us out with heartfelt words and we were off to lead our day as if it was on purpose.

So back to what I started this off with… Has Purplerain ever, in the history of F3, HC’d three days in a row and only attended one of those workouts?  If he was awake this morning dealing with his sore back, I’m sure his ears were burning to say the least.  Secondly, I spend an hour with Griswold, and of that, we actually ran together in silence, for an entire mile.  He’s the only person I know that can run 7-8 minute miles and converse the entire time.  It was a rare occasion so I’m not sure if I should be honored or consider myself a poor running partner.  I joke because I care and the two of you are our leaders in the West and I’m proud to be a small part of our group.  You both, along with the rest of our PAX, have a bigger impact on me then you’ll ever know.

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