• When: 12/21/17
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Snookie
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Plebe, Backsplash, McGregor, Kiwi, Sparkles, Milton Waddams, Snookie
  • AO: Back Blasts

As I’m driving to the AO, I was wondering if I should have put “pain” in my preblast. Worried about a low attendance, I see 2 sets of headlight as I pull into the parking lot. Good, I won’t be alone!! As the rest of the PAX rolled in, a total of 8 strong men, 1 of which is an impressive youngster McGregor, beat the fartsack and braved the cold to get better. Waiting for the Hard Start I informed the PAX I did not have a watch and asked Purple Rain to keep time for me. This would prove to be a good thing later, well for the PAX anyway. Purple Rain said it’s time to go so….


SSH IC X’s 15

2 Burpees

Cotton Picker IC X’s 15

2 Burpees

Mosey to concession stand

Mountain Climbers IC X’s 15

2 Burpees

Windmill IC X’s 15

2 Burpees

Mosey to the practice field

The Thang

I informed the PAX of the jist of the routine and that we would travel together as a group.

Lined up on the goal line the PAX will Bear Crawl to the 5 yard line to do 5 Merkins and hold the Plank for the 6. Bear Crawl to 10 yd line do 10 Merkins and do the same the rest of the way until we get to the 50 yd line. A total of 275. To my surprise, the mumble chatter was at an all time low!

Now that we are at the 50, the same format to the other goal line doing squats. 50 squats lunge to the 45, 45 squats lunge to the 40 and so on. Each time waiting in the Al Gore for the 6 to finish. Again 275 total.

From here we moved (I say moved because I walked afraid my legs were going to give out) to the track. Instructing the PAX on what was next I broke the track into 4 corners. If you can put corners on an oval. This is F3, we can do what we want! Starting at first corner 10 WW1’s and Backplank for the 6, then run to the next corner, 20 WW1’s to the next 30 then the last would be 40. 100 total ww1’s. Back to the corner we started and gave the order for the next lap. 50 LBC’s again Backplank for the 6,  then 100, then 150, then finish with 200. At the second corner completed, Purple Rain informed me that it was 6:10. DAMN IT!! Cut short with only 150 LBC’s completed! Mosey back to the flags with 3 minutes until a Hard Stop. Guess what? Mary is 3 minutes of LBC’s!! We’re gonna get 500 in. Hard stop at 6:15


Buttoncap has the Q at the FOD Saturday. Hashmark Friday. No 3RD F tonight. No prayer prayer requests given out loud. Purple Rain led us out in an inspirational prayer.

I did this workout as a gauge from my first F3 workout where 15 Merkins just about killed me and Squats were almost impossible. Completing the amount of Merkins and Squats we did today is a testament to what F3 can do! I would never have pushed myself like I have for the past few months if  it for the men of F3. Not only in the first F but also in the 3Rd F.  My life has definitely changed because of F3. I keep going back to what LETC said at his Q at the Rolling Stone over the summer, “ I am LETC and I F3. I change lives”  His words are so true F3 does indeed change lives!

Merry Christmas to you all!! now go put a smile on someone’s face today!!


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