Before rolling into the Swashbuckler, YHC headed over to the Earned Respect AO looking for Ronnie B.  I must have just missed him as I did a loop in the parking lot seeing no one yet there.  As I pulled into the Swashbuckler I viewed a couple of pax getting a quick standard in to warm up.  As I finished setting up the Q flag, here come the pax from their warm up.  Denver had also pulled in while I was busy.  Seeing a familiar face from my past I welcomed Rain man or as I know him Aubrey.  Looking back into my early days in Carterico, Rain man and I had become friends thru our sons playing sports and school together.  What an awesome way to start a workout, reconnecting with an old friend.  5 min, 2 min, 1 min, GO.


  • Black snake Indian run to the front of the school – the 6 snakes his way thru to the front and repeat for each 6
  • YHC then stretched out the pax for the upcoming beat down.   Left over Right and Right over left 10 counts each.
  • Sun Gods 10 forward and 10 Reverse
  • More stretching  bent over middle 10 count, left 10 count, right 10 count
  • Windmills 10 IC  and Cotton Pickers 10 IC

Since the Earned Respect group did not want to converge we continued on a mosey to the side parking lot of the school for a little more warm up.  YHC wanted to get the heart rate up so we started with alternating curb taps 20 IC.  Then we went right into Captain Therkins.  1 WWI Sit up x 4 American Hammers rinse repeat doubling up each time with 5 Merkins in between each round.  We were definitely warm so on to


Round 1 went like this

  • Hand release merkins 25 SC
    Burpee’s 20 SC
    Diamond merkins 15 SC
    Air press 10 IC
    Plank punches 10 IC

Palette cleanser then onto Round 2

  • Jump squats 25 SC
    Box jumps 25 IC
    Monkey humpers 15 SC
    Imperial walkers 10 IC
    Alternating lunges 10 IC

Palette cleanser then onto Round 3

  • Alternating shoulder taps 25 IC
    Peter parkers 20 IC
    Carolina dry docks 15 SC
    Plank jacks 10 IC
    Chilly jacks 10 IC

Palette cleanser then onto Round 4

  • Alternating side squats 25 IC
  • 180 alternating jump turns 10 right 10 left
    Baryshnikov squats 15 SC
    Hillbillies 10 IC
    Copperhead squats 10 IC

One last Palette cleanser all the way down around the last pole and back to the flag.   3 minutes left for some pax led MARY.  Denver started us out with 20 American Hammers IC, Squid had 20 Low Slow Flutters on tap (ouch), Rain man had us finish up with 5 Merkins to round out a great workout.  Workout announcements around the county, a special request to keep the men and women of the military in our prayers.  YHC took us out in prayer.


As always it is the best feeling to lead a group (even though it was small) of men all with the same goal in mind.  Improving the community around them is the ultimate goal.  We are reminded everyday of the struggles that happen to all of us and the only way to solve these struggles is to do it together and then pass it forward.  Continue on this journey with your head held high and your motivation on track with gods plans and he will bring us all into his glory when he sees fit.


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