• When: 5/11/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Princess, Rob Burgundy, Madoff, Wilson, Blart, Staypuft, Costanza, Snooki, Duckbutter, Brockovich, Shroom, Tom Sawyer, The Farm, Sprinkles, Huck Finn, Sooner, Happy, Pocahontas, Scrubbing Bubbles, Mop & Glow, Drano, Rooney, Linus, Birdman, Navy, Holidaymansion, Gertrude, JarJar Binks, Denver, BeeSting, Dash8, Devlin McGregor, Jang a Lang, Couch Potato, Sparkles, Griswold, Half Time, LETC, Rupaul, Stonewall, Cheech, LadyBug, Lassie, Cooter, Purple Rain: FNGs: Alfred, 3 tab, Maryann, Double Bagger, Ralphy, Cheney, One More Time, Avenatti, Prestone, Code Red, Clinch
  • AO: Back Blasts

Launch Day is Here: Did not get a lot of sleep last night as I woke up early with excitement about the day, As we pulled up in our Clown Car (Thanks Couch) I realized the crowd was going to be bigger than I expected.  I immediately started thinking about how this may impact the workout I had planned.  I also realized that my voice was probably not going to make it, more on that later.

We say that one of the great things about F3 is the accountability that it provides, well 10 minutes before the Hard Start and the PAX are already making sure I am doing my job correctly by making sure they tell me what I am doing wrong.  I knew right away that the mumble chatter would be strong.  I took a brief moment to ask Ron Burgundy to keep it in his pants today as we do not wish to scare the FNGs away.

Hard Start: A flawless Mission Statement a few introductions a Disclaimer and it was time to work.  I notified everyone that Griswold would be providing the demonstrations for the exercises as I tend to demonstrate for those that are modifying.  A little warmarama

SSH ic x20, at this point 2 FNGs showed up, 4 burpees for the group

Imperial Walkers ic x15 At this point I decided that the group needed a little more entertainment and me being a great Q willing to do anything for the group decided to start losing my voice.  I am happy to say that it provided plenty of laughter for the group.  Job well done Q

Sun Gods ic x10 and reverse

Cotton Pickers ic x 10 there was some weird clapping sound going on during this, Those Cape Fear guys are so cute.  Lets Mosey

So the routine would be to give a Core Principal at each stop

#1 All Workouts are Free: Our only incentive is our genuine desire to help you get better

Merkins x 10, Squats, x15 (Thanks for the demonstration Gertrude), LBCs ic x20. Mosey

#2 Open to All Men, yes we said all men

Monkey Humpers (my M will never understand why men humor stops maturing in 6th grade, I am happy that it did) ic x15, the first moans of the day came out.  I hope this was because this because the workout was hard

Alt shoulder taps ic x15, low slow flutter ic x20. Mosey

#3 All workouts are outside Memories are made when doing something stupid like working out in bad weather

I realized this would be the first Omaha due to the awesome numbers we had, quick thought and split them up

Half do 10 merkins have do an exercise under the pavilion and switch

step ups x10, dips x10, irking x10, step ups x10, dips x10, dirkens x10. Mosey

#4 Workout leaders participate led in a rotating fashion

DORA: 50 merkins, 100 squat jumps, 150 LBCs, 200 air presses.  We are starting to see so guys hurting now

#5 took a break from Cores and talked about Shovel flags, lexicon, and Names

Merkin Suicide, this pretty much did the trick and everyone was pretty beatdown after this.  Sooner stepped up and led the guys in exercises while waiting on the 6.  Got say I did not do much of this one as I realized since I was leading I had not had the chance to really meet any of the FNGs picked out a couple and pretty much stuck with them.  Glad I did because that is ultimately why we are here.

We moseyed back to the flag, at this point I decided it was time to allow RonnyB to have a little fun and let him out of his cage.  He blessed us with his “version” or demonstration as you would of Boss Tweeds.  We did about 15 of these and called a hard stop as we have lots of FNGs to name.

Final Core Principle: All workouts end in a Circle of Trust, this may be last but it is not least as this allows men to seek each other while seeking the Lord.

Count off, Gertrude ran to get the Lejeune Shovel Flag.  Upon presenting it to Half Time he planted to mark this territory as F3 land!

Namarama, As we were finishing up we realize that one of our FNGs was missing, he had clinched it in as long as he could and disappeared during the work out, well that sounds like a good name.  We named them all quick announcements.  Oz from New Bern is leading next week.  BeeSting led us out in prayer.

Moleskin: Props to Half Time, he has a huge responsibility of leading this group from the beginning and he has started off with a bang.  Great job on all the recon and keeping this thing moving forward.  Props to The Farm a Jacksonville native that lives in Charlotte and made the trip home.  Props also to Drano for making the trip down from Winston.  Navy did a great job on getting FNGs here and also EHing guys during the workout, your willingness to serve our group is awesome.  Props to my Blood Brother LETC for rallying the Cape Fear folks and getting up early to bring a crowd as well as Sooner who had a couple of FNGs that he met in a bar in Wilmington and put the EH on them.  Special Thanks to Duck and Jang for being great examples of leadership.  Duck actually laid it out to me to get one going in Jacksonville just 6 weeks into he launch of Cape Carteret, took a little while but we are there.  Thanks to Griswold for helping me today.

I also want to thank Laettner, no he was not there today, but I would not be here without him.  Once a new area is started everyone goes back to their area.  Laettner was there for us during this time.  If we would not have had him during those first couple of months not sure we would have made it in Cape Carteret.  I know you would have loved to be there this morning brother, well know you were on my heart and in my thoughts the whole time and it was your leadership that was really on display today during this launch.

Longest BB I have ever written, sorry, just so full of joy for all that you guys mean to my life and excitement for what is next.

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