• When: 01/09/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Wilson
  • PAX: Sniffer (Respect), BigMic, DuckButter, BlueCross, ReefDonkey, SnowFlake, Blart (Respect), RonBurgundy (Respect)
  • AO: Anchor Ball, Back Blasts

As I stepped out of the house it was nice not to get punched in the chest by the cold, but was still glad I decided to keep the man tights.
Was a little worried when I got to the entrance by the Stadium and the cones and barricades were still up, snuck around the cones and found Reef already in the parking lot and after a couple minutes saw headlights coming in from the entrance.
As the pax started to get out of their vehicles the 5 minute and then the 1 minute warnings were given

At 0530 it was time to get started, the Mission Statement (a little mumble chatter had me briefly thinking I had screwed that up) and the disclaimer were given.

And then it began:

Mosey around light post and then pack for a little WarmOrama.

15 Cotton pickers in cad
15 Side Straddle Hope in cad
15 Sun Gods in cad forward and back
15 count right over left
15 count left over right
15 Wind Mills in cad

Mosey to picnic tables

Once at the picnic tables we did 4 Sets of the following in 40 sec intervals with a 20 sec rest between each excersise.
Plank jacks

I had planned on moseying back to the ball field wall for some people’s chair and balls to the wall. But Omahaed (was worried the grass by the wall would be too wet and or still a little frozen) to the Restroom Bldg for the people’s chair with arm press. After two rounds with a ten count by each Pax we moseyed back to the parking lot.

I found myself a little short of the Hard Stop and with some much appreciated help from ReefDonkey and RonBurgundy we finished with a great Mary. Thanks also to DuckButter for the music (should have thought of that) and the excellent mumble chatter.

Hard stop was called, announcements made, prayer requests and then Blart took us out in prayer.

Thank you again to all those that showed and as always it was my honor to Q.

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