• When: 8/10/2020
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Blart
  • PAX: RonBurgundy, BoPeep, Dorothy, Birdman, Griswold, Bandit, Lactose, CarpetBagger, Kiwi, Wilson, Pocahontas, FNG (Ricky Bobby), Pasqually, Pedro
  • AO: Back Blasts, Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr, Morehead City

So apparently Pocahontas was getting a ride from Pasqually……. (hahaha lets go for coffee first then show up later)  Heard the excuse that you don’t want to run out of fuel with a diesel……  Funny thing is I understood having a father that was a 30 year diesel mechanic, I let Pasqually slide on that one only because it is a pain in the butt to prime the system on a diesel engine.

Having been contacted by Poca about having the biggest FNG coming to the Knarr, YHC figured he better bring it strong ( or the strongest he can).  YHC arrived early enough to plot out the course for the beatdown.  4 stations around the park with a countdown of 5 exercises at each stop.

Quick Mosey before Warmarama ——– Whoa, then the FNG arrived, Poca wasn’t kidding…….7 foot tall and built.  At that point was not sure I could have enough to break him down, but let’s try.  The usual warm up exercises followed by a short Mosey to cone #1.  25,20,15,10,10 all upper body (haha mumble abound about the hand release merkins right into burpees) started to sweat already.  followed those with Diamond Merkins, Air presses, Floyd Mayweather plank punches.   Off to cone #2 under the pavilion roof.  25,20,15,10,10 Legs -Jump Squats, Box jumps, 20 yd sprints, Imperial Walkers, something else but forgot.  Off to cone #3 under the other pavilion roof.  25,20,15,10,10  upper body – Alternating shoulder taps (steamer speed), Peter Parkers, Carolina Drydocks, Plank jacks, Chilly jacks.  WOW really sweating but must push on and break the behemoth.  Off to cone#4 on the far tennis court 25,20,15,10,10 legs – Side squats, Wojo squats, Baryshnikov squats, Alternating lunges, Howling monkey for all the mumblechatter (not smart with 15 guys)  Still couldn’t break him.  So another short mosey around the building picking up YHC’s cones and paperwork back to the flag.  Circle up for Mary.


Not once did YHC say it was pax choice…………… (Griswold) American Hammers, (BoPeep) LSF’s, (Kiwi) Dying Cockroaches, (Birdman) Birdman crunches, and to finish it off (RonBurgundy) Protractor.  Announcements, naming the FNG Ricky Bobby (we tried swamp booger, hay bale, but Ricky Bobby stuck)  Prayer concerns/praises, COT with Kiwi taking us out.

Really enjoyed this one this morning pax.  Really good mix of pax today.  Appreciate everyone showing this morning.  In my preblast I mentioned this was an old one.  I did this workout 3 years ago.  Back then the pax went thru it twice, we were that fast with it.  A little different (no tour of the park) but today it kicked my butt just once.  Just showed me that it’s ok to slow down a little bit when you get older.  Better form and less reps makes for no injuries and stronger muscles.  Until the next time HIM’s.

Blart out

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