• When: 01-22-2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Misty
  • PAX: Steamer, Jang-a-Lang, Madoff, Doogie, Winnie the Poo, Suitcase, Squealer, Bayliner, Rameses, Aflac, Gertrude.
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Table Setter

The Table Setter is intended to be the venue which begins the PAX week off on a positive and high note, given the past couple weeks weather today was a day to get things back on track and to set a high bar for the week to come! We gathered as usual at the Sanitary Parking lot to better ourselves and to push each other, the PAX was slow to roll in today with the Burpee brothers (Rameses and Bayliner) rolling in just in the nick of time…we looked around, waited patiently but alas no Dipper today??? Wasn’t this the week Dipper started back in earnest???  Maybe next week?

Disclaimer was delivered and off we go toward the JIB…as we mosey we spy a heard of men crossing the street, the Bands was stacked this morning!

We stopped on Sheppard St in front of the Cutting Board for a quick Warmarama, and even tried to lure an unsuspecting Creflo into the workout, however he quickly caught on, Jang spooked him, and he headed toward the Bands group warming up just beyond us.   Creflo would have loved the workout this morning.


Windmill X 10

Good Morning (Right over Left) X 10

Good Morning (Left over Right) X 10

Hand Release Merkins X 15

Cotton Picker X 15

SSH X 20

The Thang

Still in our Warmarama Positon we shifted to Jack Webb #1

Spider Merkins X 2 to a total count of 10

Plank Jack (IC) X 4 to a total count of 20

Mosey to Jaycee Park for Jack Webb # 2

Merkins X 2 to a total count of 10

Freddie Mercury X 4 to a total count of 20

Overhead Clap X 6 to a total count of 30

Mosey to MLK Park for Jack Webb #3

Team effort on this one, No way I could keep up with all the counting.

2X Carolina DryDocks (Steamer) – total count to 10

4X Hello Dolly (Jang) – total count to 20

6X Low Slow Flutter (Bayliner) – total count to 30

8X Prisoner Squats (YHC) – total count to 40

Mosey to Puddles Park (12th and Shackleford ) for Jack Webb # 4

2X Alt. Shoulder Tap to a total count of 10

4X WWI to a total count of 20

6X Wojo Squats to a total count of 30

Time running low and knowing I wouldn’t be able to complete the last Jack Webb we started on a Mosey back to the parking lot at Sanitary…arriving at 0615 on the dot!

Great work to all this morning, welcome back to Doogie!!!



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