• When: 07/03/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Dance Hall, Wilson, Gobbler (Respect) Villa (Respect), Blue Cross, Blart (Respect), Pocahontas, Ricardo, Ma Bell, FNG (Jerry Jones)
  • AO: Back Blasts

The men of the Anchor B were already gathering when YHC rolled up. The bad news is they were expecting Reef Donkey but got a smaller, shorter version. Reef had the opportunity to hunt Mobey Dick, so YHC was proud to accept his offer to Q. I can’t quite figure out why the men of Anchor B sit in their vehicles until someone else gets out. A pre-disclaimer was given by YHC about not really having a plan but if Pasqually can do it, than so can the Grinch. Dance Hall brought an FNG so a plan was made up on the spot. The countdown started 5,4,3 when Blue Cross yelled, “Here come Poca”. We all waited for the crunching of metal but Poca parked in silence….in the handicapp spot of course. 3 F’s given, Mission statement and Disclaimer.


Mosey to the far end of the parking lot, It was at this moment the Queers, what? Oh Qar’s decided to use the same parking lot. I’m not sure Bedsore understood that the B’s don’t take kindly to strangers. YHC knew 11 beefy men could take out the small number of the QAR but we decided to leave them in peace. SSHx20, Sun Godsx10 each way and Abe Vigodas x 10.

Mosey to the intersection by the ball field for Cotton Picker or Face in the Butt x10, Hillbilliesx10 and the left over right, right over left stretch.


Partner up for some Dora. Partner A would do the exercise and B would run to the middle light pole and switch. Partners would do 100 merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBC’s all in single count.

Pax would move to the wall for People’s Chair with a 5 count air press from each man, BTW 5 count from each man and picking cherries and putting them in the basket until YHC thought it was enough-3 Rounds

Mosey to the beginning parking lot closest to the soccer field and do Plan Jacksx20, WW1’sx20 and Mountain Climbersx20 palate cleanser around the lot. Rinse and repeat doing 10 and then 5 of each.


American Hammer x 20, Low Slow Flutter x 20 HARD STOP!!!!

YHC took the PAX out in prayer remembering Blart’s family and his M who starts chemo Thursday. Poca’s students who are dealing with depression and one involved in a stabbing over the weekend and Vill’a friend whose son was in a car crash.

We welcomed “Jerry Jones” to our family this morning. He was very close to becoming J E T S JETS but he hates the Cowboys more than the Jets. It is small moments like seeing an FNG on his first day that make it all worth it. I’m sure we can all remember our first day and how we thought we were going to die. T-Claps to Gobbler who at 61 is completing is first month. Blue Cross said it best. You are never too old to start. Blart has a lot on his plate but still makes F3 and the mission a priority. Congrats to Wilson the birthday boy tomorrow. He joins the Respect Club which seems to be growing rapidly. Don’t worry everyone gets closer everyday. Thanks to Ricardo who went the extra 5 minutes to the Anchor B and will probably become a regular. Blue Cross and his leadership even though it was to lead a group of rogue Kettle bellers. Ma Bell gives us the whats your excuse. This guy is on vacation and still posts, more than some of you reading this. Villa is back in the groove and posting regularly. It was good to see Poca without an HC, as he continues to show his generosity by helping young college students in Vegas pay for school………one dollar at a time.

It is always a pleasure men.

YHC Ron Burgundy



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