• When: 07/22/2020
  • Workout Style: Running/Boot Ca
  • QIC: Tonya
  • PAX: Honey Wagon, Tar Hole, Maytag, Kiwi, Griswold, Newman, Amphibious (from off)
  • AO: Back Blasts

0525 Hard Start

7 men moseyed behind Java Post for WARMARAMA

SSH, Squats, Good Mornings, Hip Circles, and the introduction of Groiner-Jacks (evidently Ecclesiastes 1:9 applies to exercises too)  About this time Kiwi joined us so 5 burpees OYO

Mosey across the back side of the plaza with karaoke and back peddling mixed in.
Circle up for some lunges before


8 PAX used a modern version of an etch a sketch to draw the foundation of our lives.  At the end of each line we completed the following:

10 split squats each leg, 10 squats, 10 good mornings IC, 10 Glute Bridges, and 10 groiner jacks IC.
This was done for 5 rounds and the 6th round we OMAHA’d with 15 jump squats starting from the bottom and 10 groiner jacks.
Mosey back, plank for the 6, jail break to the shovel flag.

Notes from the gloom:

No matter if your the 12 or the 6, we’re all here to get better and take care of these vessels the best we can.
Also, like Frank N Beans said, apart from Jesus we are bankrupt.  Let’s praise God for the abundant love that He showed us by not sparing His Son so that we could have eternal life.

Good job to the PAX who showed up.  I hope everyone was challenged but feels good about what was accomplished.  I’m proud of you guys.
Newman, you owe HINers a written, public apology 😉

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