Perhaps the nicest day of the winter greeted Steamer, Double Mint and YHC as we made the trip down Hwy 24 to the Rolling Stone. As we have seen over the past 2 months, many Cartericans dont like the cold! Steamer gave YHC a tour of the grounds and cones were strategically placed as Double Mint scanned social media. More to come on the title of this BB shortly. The westerners kept rolling in as 3,2,1 minute warnings were given. The arrival of my boy Lunch Box made 16 of us and it was time to roll!


Man do I love all the fields on this campus. I could use them all. One field was selected for the following:

SSH x20 IC

WIndmill x 20 IC

Hillbillys x 15 IC

Hand Rel Merkins x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

Down Dawg

The Thing

Goal was to show these western men a few new tricks and work on keeping the group together. Endless Merkin suicide was selected to be followed by a group planking exercise. Cones were placed at the goal line, 25, 75, and opposite goal line. We began on the 50. You know the drill– 5 merkins at each cone. Start at the 25, then to the 75, then opposite goal line, then 100 yards to the other goal line. When finished, run a quarter lap around the track and back forcing us to pick up the 6 man.

This was followed by the burpee hurdle. We formed 2 lines and each man planked. The last man would hurdle each man and perform 1 burpee in between each planking man. 2 Rounds each, then run half a lap.

This was the sequence for the Thing this morning. The next rounds went at follows:

  • 5 diamond merkins / bear crawl snake through the planking men
  • 10 CDD at each cone / Peoples hurdle over each planking man with the planking man doing 1 plank jack when hurdled over
  • 5 double wides / a fun round of Over-Unders (all plank and the moving man goes over the first man, under the next and so on)

Mosey to the CHS football field for a little cool down. The Pax lines up across the side line. YHC called 4 50 yard modified jail breaks. We took a break after the first 2 for 20 air squats done Single Count.

Mosey back to the flag for 1 minute of planking and a hard stop at 0615!

Moleskin / COT

What a great turn out this morning at the Rolling Stone. YHC was very impressed to see so many new faces and the level of improvement here. I impressed upon these men to think about 1 man they know who needs F3 and pick them up for a work out. This site could easily have 30 men posting in a few months. Give this thing away men, bring someone that needs it ! A special thanks to Lunch Box for taking us out in prayer.

Now, what does the Second Return from Disney mean. I am close enough to my second F3 anniversary to explain. Many thoughts of my F3 experiences were flooding my brain this morning as Steamer, Double Mint and I drove down 24. My family and I just returned from Disney last Sunday. This was our second trip. It was immediately following my first return from Disney 2 years ago that I posted for the first time.  Steamer and Duck picked me up on a cold March Saturday morning for a most pleasant Hero Patriot. Big Mick smashed every muscle in my body with a full on Murph assault.  This is were Jang A Lang was born courtesy of My T Sharp. These experiences all seemed to come full circle this morning.

As with many men, the desire to get in better shape first drew me. The workouts were great and I was able to spend more time with my family after work. Then the fellowship grew. I met many new friends from across the county. Then the faith grew. Attending 3rd F and listening and learning. Going to the Methodist Church for the first time to see Swaggart preach, Creflo teaching me the importance of praying with my kids.  And then all the events F3 offered that I would of never of done otherwise: helping with New Bern and Western Carterico expansions, Go Ruck event, Lukens Island ruck, Greenville CSAUP, Twin Bridges run, Beach runs, Palmetto Relay (I hope) blood sweat and tears with Pax members. I was so proud to see that this opportunity now exist for all of these men of Western Carterico. Stay the course men, sign up for events that sound scary at first. Learn to embrace the suck. This is a special group and I am very excited to see what the future holds for F3 Carterico. We shall continue to build leaders, many, many leaders.





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