YHC had not Q’d for a while before being asked to fill in for Button Cap. Injuries seem to be sneaking up on the Western Pax, and although numbers might not be as big as desired, YHC has always appreciated the opportunity to lead, whether 2 or 22. 5 Strong Men gathered for the Rolling Stone on a Beautiful morning. T-Claps to Plebe’s 2.0’s constantly posting while he is nursing an injury himself.


-Sungods IC x 10 forward led by McGregor
-Sungods IC x 10 reverse led by Pigeon
1 Lap around the back student parking lot. YHC discovered a few months ago that this distance is right at a 1/4 mile making it much more advantageous to use the PL instead of the Track.
-Imperial Walkers IC x 10 led by Pill Box
1 Lap

The Thang

This was a combination of workouts that YHC did on his own at home before being introduced to F3. Also some of the foundational exercises once you start posting, so YHC calls this the F3 Starter Pack.

5 Rounds of
Burpees SC x 10, Squats SC x 10, Merkins SC x 10, WW1’s SC x 10, Curb Jumps/Step Ups/Bunny Hops SC x 10 followed by 1/8 mile mosey (half of the Parking Lot loop)

1/8 Lap then Jack Webb (Alternating Shoulder Tap IC/Air Press) 5/5, 10/10, 15/15
1/8 Lap then Jack Webb (AST IC/AP) 20/20
1/8 Lap then Jack Webb (Hand Release Merkin/Air Press) 5/5, 10/10
1/8 Lap then Jack Webb (HRM/AP) 15/15
1/8 Lap then Jack Webb (HRM/AP) 20/20

1/8 Lap Catch Me If You Can- PAX completes 2 Burpees and attempts to catch YHC while running backwards. McGregor gave it his all but this task proved to be impossible! PAX lunged together for 50 count first.
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 50
1/8 Lap CMIYC- YHC completes 2 Burpees and chased down the PAX.PAX lunged together for 50 count first. Sprint on the last leg back to the flag taking our count for the day up to 2 Miles Total!!!


YHC could see it in Pill Box’s eyes he wanted to use every second of the workout, so it was on our 6’s for
LBC’s IC x 50
Burpees x 10.

The PAX worked their butts off today. It wasn’t easy, but YHC chose to keep everyone together, causing us all to grow in different ways. Purple Rain continues to grow as a leader and each of these guys make me better every day. Thankful for men who chose not to leave the 6 behind. We are in this thing together!

No huge announcements other than posting at workouts and the Third F on Thursday nights with Snookie. Prayer for White Boots and The Jamaican, Snookie’s M, People hurting from loss and each of our brothers. PIGEON took us out in prayer. T-Claps man!! Big thanks to Griswold for letting YHC lead one of the coolest AO’s, at the home of the Cougars.


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