• When: 1/25/20
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Onesie, bullfighter, Mcsketti (respect), Weinstein (respect), purple rain, ponch (respect), skidmark (respect), Cooter, Princess, Birdman, Linus, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Field of Dreams, Western Park

The rain was ending just in time for a 0700 hard start. A quick mission statement and offer to “modify as needed” was given, then the pax circled for some warmarama:  windmill, chinook, Frankenstein‘s, and Willie Mays Hayes. The Pax ran two laps around preset cones with side shuffle and back pedal included. 3 Burpee‘s were mixed in for Weinstein‘s fashionably late arrival, and then another couple for purplerain’s corner cutting.  Next, we partnered up for catch me if you can, towards the front entrance of the park. Partner 1 backpedaled while partner 2 did 5 copperhead squats. We had no idea that Birdman could backpedal faster than most of us can run forward! Once we reached the first baseball field, we circled up for some plank Burnouts: planks, 15 plank jacks, 10 alternating leg planks, 10 swimmer planks.  We then ran a weave through the entrance posts, and repeated the plank burnout.  Then a Weave and plank burnout one more time, only because the pax enjoyed slapping themselves in the ass so much on the swimmer planks.  It was then off to the bleachers/wall for partner AMRAP:  partner 1: wall walk ups, partner 2: bench toe taps for 30 seconds each.  Rinse and repeat 3 times with only 15 second in between to switch positions.   We then headed back to the flag with another round of catch me if you can: partner 1: lunge walk and partner 2: 10 star jumps. Ponch was a pro at flexing his biceps on each lunge, looking a lot like the Breakfast Club dance.  Back at the flag we got in two lines in American hammer position, one with a 30 pound kettle bell and the other with a 40 pound kettle bell. We all performed American hammers as we passed the kettle bell back-and-forth down the line. Rinse and repeat after switching the kettle bells. Next, we headed to the center cone. We did 3 Burpee’s then ran to the surrounding for cones for a set of exercises including Peter Parker‘s, mountain climbers, alternating shoulder taps, and LBC. Between each exercise the pax ran back to the center for 3 burpees. We then repeated this set with a substitute of 5 Wojo squats in between each exercise.  After that, we lined up on the handicap parking place, which is in the middle of the parking lot 🤷‍♂️.  After some  un-PC comments, we performed inchworm Burpee‘s to the top end of the parking lot. Time for an Indian run back to the first baseball field. We circled up for Jack Webb: hand release Merkins and star jumps (4, 8, 12, 16).  With less than 10 minutes remaining, we ran back to the flag for some “ring around the Rosie” Mary.  One man ran around the circle with a 30 pound kettle bell as the next man called out a Mary exercise and lead the pax until the kettle bell made it back to them. We repeated around the circle nearly two times before a hard stop.  Great job with the counting today pax!  

Count-off, namearama, announcements and prayer requests were made. We went out in prayer, thankful for all we’ve been blessed with, thankful for veterans, and prayers for grieving families. The sun was out at this point, which brought the guns out on a warm January day. Thank you Linus for the opportunity, and thank you for the eggs. They hit the spot this morning.   Thanks for making the drive bullfighter.   

Great push today by all! Good job on sweeping up the six and supporting each other this morning men. That’s what F3 is all about! ⚔️

Sorry I forgot to do any rest breaks or 10 counts this morning! 😁



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