Due to the nature of the usual AO on Emerald Isle being way too icy still to run on, YHC called an audible and took The Green Mile to Croatan HS for a 1.1 mile, fairly safe loop to run with the PAX. With Shovel Flags being propped up beside trucks and the last layers of warmth having their velcro attached, the loop was explained with instructions to be as safe as possible in the iffy spots.

Off went the PAX on a careful jog, YHC with his Rucker and Griswold, Purple Rain and Couch Potato for the most part sticking together. I wanted to push myself today to a level I hadn’t really ever gone, so my goal was to run the 45 minutes without stopping. I won’t say just how many times I wanted to quit… however I was reminded of something while running. Everything I would cross paths with the PAX, encouragement would come flying at me, lifting my spirits and my energy to continue on towards my goal. I would give the same, but today just meant a lot to be a receiver of the encouragement.

All three of these men that posted today can without a doubt be described as a HIM. Couch Potato has EH’d more men to be a part of F3 in the last calendar year than anyone I know and is extremely gracious in giving wisdom, help and lessons from his years of running and experience. Purple Rain and Griswold both have led our guys from a physical standpoint, as they are in great shape, and especially as great leaders.

We covered right at 4.5 miles today and YHC’s legs were pretty much smoked carrying that extra weight. Purple Rain said he really fought posting this morning and didn’t think he would get near the distance he did, but again, the power of the PAX proved to be such a lift.

I honestly can’t think of what life was like before these men entered in to my life. Lunchbox and I knew each other before F3, but every other guy I post with daily were nonexistent in YHC’s life before we launched the Cape Carteret Expansion last May. There is so much power in the PAX. For encouragement, prayer, physical push, and so much more. We talked about this morning that our families and jobs need our energy, even when we aren’t feeling it. We get this from each other often times.

F3 is what it is, not because of burpees or running or merkins or monkey humpers. F3 is what it is because of the power of the PAX. And I’m honored to be a part of it.

Couch Potato led us in a great prayer and then it was off to get ready for a day of impacting those we love so much. Couch Potato and YHC busting out 7 straight days… Woot Woot! And more to come. Thanks for letting me lead today Maytag.


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