• When: 8/2/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Frosted Flake
  • PAX: Reef Donkey, Blue Cross, My T Sharp, Pastorcleaver, Griswald, Shroom, Ronburgundy, Plunger, Doogie, Holiday Mansion, Duck butter, Rameses, Bay Liner
  • AO: Back Blasts

14 men gathered in the gloom at WCHS this morning to enjoy the 1st workout of the MONTH without rain .

2 minute warning was called out . 0530 the mission statement was given followed by what F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

we headed to the track down to the bell to start warmarama:



Imperial Walker IC x 10

Sun Gods F IC x 10 R IC x 10

R/L down for a 10Ct.

L/R down for a 10Ct.

Feet Together down for a 10CT.


Time to get after it .

1 lap around the track meet back at the goal line . After everyman made it a lap and on the line YHC explained the Thang:


4 orange cones  going down the field  around 20 yards apart.

1st suicide to all four cones back on the line plank for the six .

2nd part was run to the 1st cone : 5 merkins back to the line, run to the 2nd 10 merkins, back on the line. run to the 3rd 15 merkins, back on the line, run to the 4th cone 20 merkins.

Back on the line plank for the six. after the six was in YHC explained the next part of the Thang.

Partner up partner A would do AMRAP Merkins Partner B would:

4 green cones in a horse shoe formation .Sprint to the first cone, side straddle to the 2nd, back pedal from the 2nd to the 3rd and side straddle to the 4th.

2 rounds completed by every man. After everyone had completed we took off on a Mosey to the wall close to the pull up bars.

2 rounds of Peoples chair and balls to the wall.

2 rounds of step ups on the bleacher YHC IC x 20 followed by dips YHC called 20.

Partner up partner A would run around the building. Partner B do as many pull ups as possible until  partner A arrived.

2 rounds of this was completed. After it was back on the mosey back to the goal line for  2nd round of cones.

1st cone 25 Merkins back to the line.

2nd cone 50 Squats back to the line.

3rd cone 75 Hillbilly back to the line.

4th cone was 100 LBC’s back to the line.

After the six was in we took a slow mosey to the bell .

With a little time left we did one lap of catch me if you can with Partner A running backwards, partner B would do 5 LBC and catch partner A until one lap was complete. With time running low we headed back to the flag everyone pick up a cone on the way to the shovel flag.

Blue Cross called out the protractor and 30 seconds of have a nice day for a 0615 HS.

We did a BOM with the Lords Prayer.

Prayers : Frosted goes for his 1st round of shots in back tomorrow please keep me in your prayers for a speedy recover as well as Duck and everyone of our F3 brothers on the IR list right now.

Moleskin: It never gets easier you just get stronger.

Qic Frosted Flake.




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