• When: 3/8/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Couchpotato (respect), Pillbox (respect), DumpsterDawg, Princess, Purplerain, Griswold, Cooter, HalfTime, Maytag, Skidmark (FNG), Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC had a few tricks left in the bag and was eager to bring them out for the Wrapper.  YHC knew this was going to be fun when Couchpotato delivered on his promise to post with his 20th FNG.  What a HIM and we are blessed to have him in Carterico.

To make sure the FNG got the full F3 experience, we went through fist bumps, intros, mission statement disclaimer and core principles before beginning the day with a short mosey/moving WARMARAMA (interrupted by one burpee for Pillbox screaming in just after start time) which consisted of:

  • Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 10
  • Hairy Rockettes IC x 10
  • Squat Jacks IC x 10
  • Imperial Walker Squats IC x 10
  • Rocky Balboas IC x 10
  • Skier Jacks IC x 10

The rolling warmarama finished up in the Hampton Inn Parking lot on the other side of HWY 24 where we did a round of Parking Spot Bear Crawl Merkins. Merklin, Bear Crawl to next line, Merkin, repeato to the end.  A short Mosey put us in position to start THANG 1.

YHC positioned the Pax strategically between two hills. One short, steep and grassy and the other long, less steep and paved.  The Pax partnered up – P1 Plank, P2 jumped back and forth over P1 x 5. P1 then fast moseyed up the paved hill while P2 bear crawled up the grassy hill.  Meet back at the starting point. Switch rinse repeat. We did 6 sets.

Short mosey up the hill to a retaining wall built especially to accommodate Pax of all sizes.  Pax were told to find a spot on the wall where the top was even with their chin which had the effect of lining us up tallest to shortest.  Princess made a few short jokes and told Couchpotato to move way down to the end. SMH. We completed a round of Pulse Ups x 10 IC. Before leaving he area we did a round of Imperial Squat Walkers for the length of the parking lot.

Short mosey past Hardees, which smelled really good, then Frogger style across Hwy 24 to the Walgreen’s parking lot. Here we completed the following for THANG 2:

  • Peoples Chair toe raises IC x 10
  • Double Leg Glute Bridges IC x 10
  • Russian Peoples Chair IC x 10
  • Left Leg Glute Bridges IC x 10
  • Buttercups IC x 10
  • Right Leg Glute Bridges x 10

Short mosey back to the soccer fields for some more partner work which consisted of:

  • The “new” ATM (show to know) SC x 10 each
  • Partner Get Ups x 10 each

Back to the Flag for Mary:

  • V-Ups IC x 10
  • X Files IC x 10
  • Right Oblique Crunch IC x 10
  • Left Oblique Crunch IC x 10
  • Swimmers IC x 10
  • Super Mans IC to a hard start by none other than THE Couch Potato

Count off, name-o-rama, naming of the FNG.  Announcements: May 11th Jacksonville expansion – interested parties email to F3Lejeune@gmail.com.  Prayer requests: Laettner’s M and family, Skidmarks M. Purplerain took us out as only he can with meaningful words to start us on the right foot for the day.

Thank you for trusting me with the keys to the kingdom Dumpster Dawg, As always, it was a pleasure and an honor to lead the finest Carterico has to offer.

Moleskin: What a tremendous week.  Jar Jar Binks and his M revealed to me and my M that our second granddaughter is on the way. We had great workouts every day. Jang-a-lang’s three year anniversary brought out a huge crowd and Princess showed true Southern hospitality as he continues to prove his friendship and leadership. Cheech revealed his true identity (Bumblebee Man).  Purplerain continues his unwaivering leadership of our bunch by posting, praying and laying on the mumblechatter thick as grandma’s gravy. Frank N Beans, a really great guy, continues to post and shows every sign of becoming a regular. Stay Puft is back and hard at it day after day (keep it up bro!).  This morning brought out yet another product of Couch Potato’s ability to EH and led to what might be the fastest FNG naming ever.  Welcome to Skidmark who fit in with us from the second he arrived and barely got through his embarrasing moment before he was named.  Can’t wait to get to know him better! Finally, congrats to Cooter for taking on the responsibilities as Hashmark Q. He will do great things for that AO.

By the way, here is your avatar Skidmark…you’re welcome.


Navy, Out.

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