• When: 12/06/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Bayliner, Jangalang, Puddles (Respect), Reef Donkey, Aflac, Frosted Flake, Lamarr, Buckeye
  • AO: Carterican Court, Rotary Park

Man it was cold when YHC stepped out of the truck to plant the shovel flag at Rotary Park.  Buckeye was the only member of the Pax here and I wouldn’t have been surprised if we were the only 2 to show but soon more headlights were breaking through the frosty gloom.  I don’t know what Jangalang was drinking but when he rolled out of Aflac’s truck he was talking and he didn’t shut up for the entire workout.  At the 0530 hard start YHC delivered an abbreviated intro and we were off to the basketball courts for:



It was about here that Jangalang noticed Frosted Flake’s socks and began a 15 minute discussion about the color and how he had tucked them into his tights.  Then he asked about Puddle’s belt (the man has a strange obsession with Puddle’s belt).  Then he noticed Buckeye’s matching gray-USCG-issued sweat pants and hoodie and asked him if he was leading an African safari.  I didn’t get it either.  Anyway, it was all YHC could do to keep my composure and continue to lead the exercises.

  • Sun Gods X 15 IC Forward/Reverse
  • Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

We did a slow mosey to the parking lot near Crossfit where people pay a lot of money to do what we do for free and I promise they don’t have nearly as much fun as we do.


I thought the grass might be wet and I knew it would be cold so I planned a series of exercises that would not leave the parking lots or picnic shelters.  Of course, with his love of playing in the grass, Jangalang had something to say about this.  This must be a result of his growing up with a limited exposure to natural turf in the asphalt jungle of Tarboro.

For these exercises we would move through each of the parking lots doing 5 exercises at each parking space line.

  • Lot 1:  Mosey – 5 Merkins
  • Lot 2:  Lunge – 5 Squats (Mosey to Lot 3)
  • Lot 3:  Mosey – 5 Plank Jacks (Mosey to Lot 4)
  • Lot 4:  Bear Crawl – 5 Monkey Humpers
  • Lot 5:  Mosey – 5 Burpees
  • Lot 6:  Broad Jump – 5 Diamond Merkins
  • Lot 7:  Mosey – 5 Clerkins  (YHC quickly modified to Merkins)
  • Mosey to the Big Rock Stadium Lot where we ran the parking spaces, facing north, then repeat facing south
  • Mosey to Picnic Shelter 1 for 20 Dips IC, 20 Erkins, 20 Derkins, and 20 Step Ups
  • Mosey to Picnic Shelter 2 for 20 Dips IC, 20 Erkins, 20 Derkins, and 20 Step Ups


  • American Hammer X 20 IC
  • Box Cutters X 20 IC
  • Hard Stop!!


Since he was already talking, at Frosted Flakes’ suggestion, YHC asked Jang to talk to The Lord.  So Jang graciously agreed and took us out with an inspired prayer.

Guys, for me this workout was what makes F3 workouts so special.  The hard work combined with the camaraderie and fellowship is just awesome.  Thank you all for keeping me motivated and wanting to come back.



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