As Thursday came to a close I was a bit concerned about what the Mullet Wrapper would entail. Not a lot of prep went into this workout since my new job has consumed so much more of my time. But I did have a plan at 5:25am….

with a hard start at 5:30 5 of us started warmarama

cotton pickers 15 IC

Here comes Plebe and Fortnite who had listened to Purple Rain and went behind Walgreens.

Comtinue with Imperial Walkers and Good Mornings

then a little mosey, yes I said mosey around the path to the dog park where I said we were doing Merkins  and WW1’s 😂😂 Just kidding.

At the only pull up bar I could find each pax did 5 pull ups while the rest did Merkins OYO

Another mosey to a neat little “workout” area which has a couple some “apparatus” that I suspect is hardly used. 2 Abb benches, horizontal pull up bar, step up step, and a couple arm machines. Each pax would do each station for 45 seconds and switch until we all did each one.

mosey to the tennis courts for 11’s

WW1’s and Lbc’s. Yes Coach Potatoe I did know they were both abb exercises!

Next to the basketball court for burpee basket ball. Each pax took a shot from the free throw line, if you miss 5 Burpees. Purple Rain was first and made the shot!! 2 Burpees!! “But I made the shot!” Me: “that’s why we are only doing 2!”

Off the picnic bench’s… Dips, Derkins, Erkins 20 then 15, 10, 5

back to the flag for mary

pax choice for the 5 minutes to Hard Stop. Announcements given

Q school tomorrow at FOD at 7am

Purple Rain les us in COT

It felt great to be out there this morning After 3+ weeks of not being able to get out! I missed you guys more than I knew and I will just have to make it work in the mornings!!!

Don’t forget Q school tomorrow for EVERYONE!!

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