• When: 05/16/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Lassie
  • PAX: Madoff, Monkey Wrench, Lammar, Perroni, Poca, Shroom, Frosted Flake, JimTom, Pineapple, Gertrude, Doogie, Plunger, Deebo
  • AO: Carterican Court

There are a few things in life that are timeless…..

1 Beautiful green grass

2 Squats

3 80s music…in particular Africa by Toto.

Well today we had the privilege of doing a butt load of squats in the glorious soft green aromatic grass.

After an inauspicious start with some clumsy star jacks and a non conducive cadence for SSH, I was able to pull it together and we proceeded to the exercise shack.


-left leg stays on bench and we did 20 knee thrusts. Then switched legs and did 20 more.

-we then got in derkin position  and did 20 per leg of derkin reverse angle leg lifts

STAGE 2 – with middle light pole as base we would do an exercise and sprint to outer lights and back


-Lateral walk squats x 20

-plyometric lunge x 20

-sumo squat jacks x 20

-low slow flutter x 20

-WW1s x 20

-Hello Dollies x 20


-Hungarian Peoples chair (left leg up then switch right leg up) 10 second cound holding a medicine ball straight out


Back to center light pole straight out and back on opposing sides

-lateral jump squats x 20

-lunges x 20

-Dying cockroach x 20

-LBC x 20

3 Minutes of mary with some Monkey Humpers and some american hammers.

Lammar needs Hero Patriot Qs, Beaufort Music Festival saturday.

Fantastic job and push by everyman this morning.  Very proud of yall!






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