• When: 10/12/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Shroom
  • PAX: Jang, Creflo, Duck Butter, Aflac, Dipper, Big Mic, Clinger, Lassie, Monkey Wrench, Rooney, Floppy, Misty, Teddy, Frosted, Sugar Pants, Buckeye, Shroom, Immigrant, Bucky
  • AO: Rotary Park

Started the morning by picking up the self proclaimed basketball extraordinaire (The Dipper), and asking him to supply the Pax with a basketball for todays activities. Of course he only had women sized balls in his sack. To be such a self proclaimed “Baller” he had no pump, or needle to provide us with equipment that was worthy of play. Oddly enough, I carry both with me at all times… Luckily Lassie, and Duck saved the day with descent balls. Lassie sensing my inexperience as Q, quickly began to hijack the Q with 5, and 1 minute warnings. (I should note, that was the second attempted hijacking, Dipper started sketching plays in the car as I started telling him about my plan). After a text book level disclaimer worthy of a YouTube F3 instructional video, we headed off for a little mosey to warmarama, the rest is as follows:


20 SSH
10 Cotton Pickers
10+10 Sun Gods
10ct each side Hanging Brains
1 Burpee Suicide

The Thing

Indian Run to Anchor B lot
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
20 Copper Head Squats
40 LBCs
Indian Run to Basketball Court
10 Merkins
Instructed PAX to split up between the two courts, choose a shooter and an opponent, One on One play with a 5 second shot clock, you make it, back to The Thing, you miss, Burpee Suicides for the PAX.
Burpee suicide
Indian Run to Anchor B lot
5 Burpees
10 Freddie Mercurys
20 Mountain Climbers
40 Air Presses
Indian Run to Basketball Court
10 Merkins
One on One Play
Burpee Suicide
Indian Run to Anchor B lot
5 Burpees
10 Spider Merkins
20 Low Slow Flutters
40 SSH
Indian Run to Basketball Courts
10 Merkins
One on One Play x2
Burpee Suicides
Indian Run to Tree of Life/Mosey back to flag


20 Boss Tweeds
20 Dying Cockroaches
20 Low Slow Flutters
25 F#$%ing Monkey Humpers

Continued prayers for David Hesmer, and all in the world in need. Creflo took us out with a great prayer.
It was my pleasure to lead.

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