as I woke up this morning, first item of business was to check the weather.  100% chance of thunderstorms starting at 7am.  I knew that would mean a wet workout and I seemed to get confirmation of this as I drove with down pours along the way.  I have often said God always provides for our workouts and he once again cleaned things up for our workout.  As I pull in the rain stops and the weather continued to get better through the whole routine.

mosey towards fields for some warmarama, we did a lot of the regulars and moseyed over to the football field.

time for a suicide 25 yard 25 merkins, 50 yard 50 squats, far 25 yard 75 LBC, goal line 100 air presses.  The count it back in reverse.

over to soccer fields for 11s hand release merkins and squat jumps.  The big part here was the stops were 50 yards apart.  Whoa this kicked our butt.

mosey to basketball court.  We took turns shooting with some routine for missed baskets, mainly merkins and we are terrible at basketball.  Mosey back to flags with a few exercises and Mary.  Hard stop.

announcements and prayers.

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