• When: 02/26/18
  • Workout Style: High intensity
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Au Jus, kiwi, Jang a Lang, frosted flake, flounder, Misty, wolverine, SpongeBob, steamer, Lamar, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Dreadnought, West Carteret High School

11 men gathered at the WCHS “virtual flag” on a rare wind-free Carterican morning. After a countdown from three minutes, and a hard start at 0525, we moseyed down to the backside of the track. A warmaRama consisted of windmills IC, chinook IC, and Frankenstein‘s IC. Mosey 200 m for: up dog, down dog, and dry docks IC. We then moseyed towards the tennis courts and found the long curb on the front side of the school. We did an uneven bear crawl down the curb and switched halfway for crawl bear. There seemed to be either some poor coordination or some discontent with this exercise, so we popped up and continued running around to the student lot. On the wall: we did 20 donkey kicks, sprint to the other side of the parking lot for 10 squat jumps, sprint back to the wall.   We repeated this cycle 3 times with: 20 plank wall walk ups (or as Navy calls them: Griswalls), and 20 Australia mountain climbers.  We then ran to the corner of the student lot where there was a cone, otherwise known as the “Burpee Cone”. Three Burpee‘s were performed every time we saw that cone for the rest of the morning. A set of exercises were labeled on the perimeter of the parking lot around the front of the school and on the opposite side. They were spread out approximately 50 yards. The stations were labeled with: merkins, mnt climbers, star jumps, Superman’s, copperhead squats, hello Dolly’s, alt shoulder taps, LBC, Peter Parker’s,…  The pax would run to the first station and perform the exercise, then head back to the burpee cone.  they would stack the exercises at each station on the way out and then run The perimeter on the way back to the Burpee Cone. Most of the pax repeated this until they got to about the seventh station near the tennis courts. With less than five minutes to spare, we gathered up the six and ran back to the Burpee Cone as a group for one last set of three Burpees. We then Moseyed back to the flag for a hard stop. The watches said that we got in somewhere between 4.25 and 4.75 miles, without ever leaving the parking lot (apparently AuJus borrowed Gert’s watch today).  The spread-out stack-workout proved to be a favorite of the Q today, because he doesn’t have to count, and there’s not much opportunity to receive mumble chatter.

The dreadnought remains one of YHC’s favorite F3 workouts because I always feel completely spent afterwards.  It’s an honor to Q it!  Thanks for the keys Hillary. We missed you today (and your flag) 😘  

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