• When: 6/26/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Snooki
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Sparkles, Dumpster Dog, Lunchbox, Couch Potatoe, Pillbox, World Cup, Tony Romo, Backup, Plebe, Fortnight, KFC, Kardashian (respect(NE TN Region)), Paulie(NE TN Region), Stayin Alive FNG, Subway, Snow White, Snooki
  • AO: Back Blasts, Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

arriving at the AO, there were a few cars already there. As I was placing the coupon, I heard “oh no!” From somewhere behind me. I knew it would be a good morning!!! As the pax rolled in, 1 minute warning was given twice, since some one couldn’t hear it the first time over thier own mumblechatter. A perfect mission statement, disclaimer, and 5 core values we handed out in honor of the FNG.


Nancy Kerrigans IC 15 each leg

Good Mornings IC 15

Mountain Climbers IC 15

short most to the grassy area near the septic field for

Air press IC 50

short mosey to the back side of the church for

Monkey Humpers IC 25

short mosey to the far corner for

American Hammer IC 25

a Short mosey the back parking lot for

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Pax in a large circle follow each other in a bear Crawl, Q yells out stop all PAX plank while one does 10 Merkins. Continued on until all 18 PAX did the merkims

short mosey to overhang at the entrance to the church for

one pax will pull tire about 30 yards out and back on pavement while the rest did Ascending Testicles on the church walls. Half way through that was Omaha’d To People Chair since my arms were toast.

last thang was acending Curb Crawl to 13, actually more like ten just so we had time for some Mary

Mary was Pax choice


Birman Crunch’s IC 10 each leg

LBC to hard stop

FNG named Stayin Alive

Announcements given

and prayer request for Blarts M

It is so awesome to see the growth in F3 in the West ! One year ago maybe 6 was the number of guys showing up for Boonedocks, now consistently 16+!!!

Keep up the good work Gents!!

until next time….

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