Realizing YHC would have a small turnout this morning, I had a plan in mind with Pasqually’s help in securing some ammo boxes for me, but the Lord was looking out for us 3 this morning and allowed Pasqually to sleep past his alarm, at least that was my text at 05:15am.  To no avail, there is always a will when there is a way.  So YHC gathered up his equipment and drove on over to Fort Benjamin.  Pulling in and seeing no one in sight, I thought I would get at least the one HC from last night but having a long weekend Snooki was excused this morning.  Here comes Kiwi, whew YHC was not traversing the park by himself at least.  As we started the rolling warmarama, Pasqually showed up after 15 IC SSH and 10 Cotton pickers IC.  Off we rolled 3 strong men.   YHC wanted today to be a kick back to the beginning days of the Knarr.  I will be turning this AO over at the end of the month, so lets run the 1 mile loop with 4 stations of strenuous exercise.

1st Stop

  • 10 Erkins SC, 10 Derkins SC, 10 Diamond Derkins SC, 10 Double wide Erkins SC, 10 Air presses
  • 10 Erkins SC, 10 Diamond Erkins, 10 Double wide Derkins, 10 Derkins, 10 Air presses

2nd Stop

  • 10 LBC’s IC, 10 American Hammers IC, 10 WWI’s SC, 10 Squats SC, 10 Good Mornings IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

3rd Stop

  • 20 SSH’s, 10 Merkins SC, 10 Double wide Merkins SC

4th Stop

  • Utilizing the picnic shelter and tables  10 Erkins, 10 Diamond Derkins, 10 Derkins, 10 Double wide Erkins, 10 Air presses
  • 10 Erkins, 10 Diamond Erkins, 10 Double wide Derkins, 10 Derkins, 10 Air presses

Mosey back to the parking lot for

5th Stop

  • 10 Alternating lunges IC, 10 Squats w/Air presses SC, 10 Toe taps IC, 10 Alternating Side Squats IC, 10 Reverse Lunges IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

My next plan was for partnering up but with only 3 pax that would have been difficult.  So we simulated what would have been done with a partner.   Forward run around parking lot to first light pole, 3 Merkins, reverse run to next light pole, 3 Merkins, forward run to next light pole, 3 Merkins, reverse run to next light pole and finish out with 3 Merkins.

Mosey over to the flag for MARY.  Kiwi 20 Low slow flutters, Pasqually 20 LBC’s, Blart 1 minute of protrator

No namarama ( i might be old but I can remember 2 names). Announcements made, Prayer concerns, YHC took us out in a COT.  Until next time Blart out.

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