Sungods IC X10, CPs  ICx8, windmills IC x8, Right over Left and Left over Right. Then Off down the Trail .


On the way to the soccer field we stopped about 8 times for Merkins X10, WW1s X10 and Squats X10. We got to the water fountain and young Butter Bean realized his keys were no longer in his pocket. Hillary knew exactly where they were because he thought Bean had just set them down while doing Merkins. So he ran back to get them. Meanwhile…

At the field it was a round of 7s with burpees and monkey humpers.

Butter Bean rejoined us and it was time for the return trip doing the same sequences but mixing in some double wides, American hammer, and lunges.

Back to the school in time for two rounds of bleacher snakes.

Circling up for Mary the Pax led some people’s choice to include, dying cockroaches, hello Dolly, LBCs, and LSF

Butter Bean took us our with good prayer.


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